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Amplifying Your Message Through Audio Media: How to Get the Most Out of Your Radio and Podcast Appearances

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Gaining brand recognition or getting your name out there in front of a target audience can happen through several different mediums. Radio shows and, in recent years, podcasts have always been a valuable resource for marketing. 

Nearly 100 years ago, radio shows captured the attention of the public, and brands found a way to use radio shows to market to their target consumers. Although radio still endures in today’s media landscape, podcasts have risen to be the audio media du jour for brands, organizations, and thought leaders alike.

Still, many brands and businesses may wonder what the best practices are for getting the most out of radio shows or podcast appearances. Here are some valuable tips to help you leverage the power of audio media in the modern age. 

Be Prepared 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when appearing on a radio show or podcast is going in unprepared. No matter if it’s your first appearance or you’re a seasoned pro, “winging it” probably won’t yield the best results. Before appearing on a show, you still must do your research to ensure your message will resonate with them on a personal level by tailoring your message to that show’s specific audience. 

Perhaps your company has developed a new skincare line, and you’ve been invited to appear on a podcast that caters specifically to new mothers. In that case, you should go in ready with talking points that pertain to the skincare concerns of mothers. This will get you the best ROI for your time, as that particular show’s target audience is bound to be interested in what you have to say. 

You should also practice the delivery of your key points before your radio or podcast show appearance, especially if you tend to get nervous speaking or this is your first time on a particular show. Taking time to adequately prepare for your appearance will ensure the successful delivery of your key message. 

Be Concise 

Time on podcasts and radio shows is never infinite, as their showrunners typically have tight timelines in which to fit their guests. Make sure you know what your time limit is ahead of your appearance, so you can practice keeping your message concise. 

Tell a Compelling Story

Marketing is all about storytelling. What has made radio shows so popular in the past — and podcasts so popular today — is that many of them weave compelling stories that listeners cannot get enough of. 

Making your brand’s story or your own personal one just as compelling will hook listeners and make your brand or business memorable, especially if you can use personal anecdotes and real case studies to leave a stronger impact on listeners. Try to engage them emotionally and create a connection that resonates with them with the goal of giving them something to remember you by or, better yet, relate to personally.

Be an Active Listener and Engage with the Host 

There are few things more frustrating than listening to a radio show or podcast where the host does all the talking and the guest seems frozen, or is giving short, curt answers to questions. Conversely, it can be frustrating to listen to a show where the guest talks over the host — both can be less than ideal listening experiences. 

When you appear on a radio show or podcast, always remain an active listener and thoughtfully answer the host’s questions, and engage with the host in a conversational way. This will make for a far more pleasant listening experience for those tuning in. 

Leverage Social Media and Online Platforms  

If you are appearing on a radio show or podcast, leverage that appearance by promoting it on social media and online platforms. Everywhere your audience interacts with your brand — whether through Instagram, your website, or Facebook — they should know that you’re appearing on a show and where to find said show. 

Once the show airs, you can get even more traction from your appearance by sharing the show and encouraging your audience to share and engage with the show via feedback, comments, and continuing the conversation online. Use hashtags, tag relevant individuals, and don’t forget to actively engage with your audience through comments and direct messages. Building an online presence around your appearance can lead to more appearances, as well as an expanded audience.

Podcasts are incredibly popular these days, with 41% of people in the US tuning in to listen to at least one podcast a month. Likewise, industry research shows us that radio still remains the most popular form of media. Taking advantage of the broad audience for both of these audio media sources can be a boon for your brand or business, expanding your reach and revenue simultaneously. 

By telling a great brand story, engaging with the show host and with listeners after the show has aired, and using social media to promote your appearance, you can get the most out of radio and podcast shows.

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David Purdy

Dave Purdy is a publicist at Otter PR. He was born in Massachusetts and grew up in the Tampa Bay area. Purdy is a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy and a graduate of the University of South Florida. He spent many years in radio broadcasting as a DJ, traffic reporter, news anchor, show host, and producer, and sold radio and digital advertising for a couple of years. Purdy made the transition to public relations in 2018 and specializes in getting great radio and podcast interviews for his clients. His clients have been featured on ABC Radio, Westwood One, Bloomberg Radio, and many more. Purdy calls Tampa Bay home and in his free time, he enjoys bike riding, kayaking, camping, stand-up comedy, and enjoying the great outdoors.