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The experts at Painted Auto Parts.com have provided guidance on how to maximize your car’s safety

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To ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, every part of the car must be in proper working condition. Did you know that broken rearview mirrors and scratched headlights are among the most common causes of car accidents?

Specialists from Chicago Auto Body Parts LLC, the owner of the online store Painted Auto Parts.com, have offered insights on the body elements that demand special attention for safe driving.

Rearview mirrors

Always keep your rearview mirrors intact and clean. If you notice that this part needs replacement, you can select painting car mirrors through the provided link – will be pleasantly surprised not only by quality but also by the attractive prices. In the catalog, you will find mirrors for all car makes.

When selecting a rearview mirror, carefully consider all of its specifications. Be particularly attentive because different models may vary in design and the size of the housing, even if the difference is not immediately obvious. The shape of the reflective surface is also important, as it can be convex or concave, significantly affecting the degree of image distortion.

Some advanced brands offer rearview mirrors with built-in turn signals and anti-freezing features. Keep in mind that only a high-quality rearview mirror will provide you with the maximum information about the road and ensure absolute safety on every journey.

Headlights and taillights

Even minor impacts or flying stones can cause cracks in headlights. Later, rainwater can enter, dust can accumulate, and they may ultimately fail. Therefore, even with minor damage, it is essential to replace headlamps, which can be done quickly – there is options available in this catalog. 

Driving a car with damaged headlights can lead to several problems, including:

  • Non-functioning vehicle lighting, which is a legal violation as it prevents you from signaling your maneuvers on the road to other traffic participants.
  • Foggy headlight lenses hinder nighttime driving.
  • High-pressure car wash systems can damage the car’s lighting.

On the website Painted Auto Parts.com you can choose between halogen, xenon, or LED headlights. You can purchase a set of two lighting elements or just the right or left one.

Front and rear bumpers

The car bumper plays a critical safety role by protecting the vehicle’s body and absorbing impacts. Due to its unattractive appearance, bumpers often require replacement. It’s best to select compatible painted body parts at Painted Auto Parts, where the company offers numerous spare parts for most popular brands.

Each body part is painted individually, taking into account the customer’s preferences and their car’s color. Therefore, the order processing time may extend up to two weeks.

Experts recommend avoiding high-pressure car washes for the first month after installing a new part. They also suggest refraining from applying wax to the new part during this time to allow the paint to fully dry and preserve the body’s aesthetics.

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