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The Rise of Contactless Delivery: A Look into the World of Parcel Lockers

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Contactless delivery is a method of delivering goods or services in which contact between the customer and the supplier is minimized or completely eliminated. This method provides safety and convenience in conditions such as epidemics or pandemics, when it is important to maintain social distance and prevent the spread of infections.

What is typical for contactless delivery?

Key characteristics of contactless delivery may include the following:

  • Order online. Customers can place orders through websites or mobile apps.
  • Electronic payments. Payment is made online without using cash.
  • Contactless delivery. Couriers or suppliers can leave the order at the customer’s door, avoiding personal contact.
  • Notifications. Customers can receive notifications about order status and delivery time.
  • Delivery without a person. Some delivery services are using self-driving cars or drones to deliver goods without human intervention.

This approach to delivery is becoming increasingly popular as consumers value the convenience and security of modern technology.

Parcel Lockers as a contactless delivery tool

Parcel Locker is a device with automated cells, installed in crowded places both on the streets and indoors. It operates 24 hours a day, allowing people to pick up their mail or packages at any time that suits them. Currently, self-service boxes are very popular. And there are a number of reasons for this:

  • Convenience for clients. Parcel Lockers provide flexible delivery times for goods. Customers can pick up their orders at a time convenient for them, which is especially important in today’s fast paced life.
  • Contactless process. Customers can pick up their packages from the locker, avoiding personal contact with the courier or store staff. This is especially true during periods of epidemics or pandemics, when maintaining social distance is an important factor.
  • 24/7 access. Many outdoor and indoor Parcel Lockers are available for use at any time of the day, which provides customers with the opportunity to receive their orders at a time convenient for them, even outside business hours.
  • Safety and reliability. Automated lockers often provide secure storage for packages until the customer is ready to pick them up. They are also equipped with CCTV systems and other security measures.
  • Save time. Users do not need to wait for the courier or go to the store to pick up their order. They can save time by choosing the nearest Smart Parcel Locker.
  • Load distribution. Using Smart Parcel Locker helps distribute the load on courier services and reduce the likelihood of delivery delays.

All these factors make Parcel Lockers an attractive option for contactless delivery, and they are widely used in various countries around the world.

Bottom line

Parcel Lockers is a new word in contactless delivery. No more leaving your package at the door! The person himself can pick it up from the automated cell by entering a unique access code.

And many modern boxes are also equipped with a payment system – which is also convenient for both the buyer and the seller. Businesses and customers have already appreciated the convenience of self-service lockers, as evidenced by their rapid adoption.

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