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A Comprehensive Guide for New Valorant Players

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Riot Games has released a team shooter – Valorant. It simultaneously combines some elements from CS:GO, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege, so fans of such projects immediately liked it. At the same time, the game attracted the interest of many users who had never played team shooters. Such players often have a question: how to play Valorant and improve their skills? We have prepared the main tips useful for Valorant newcomers and explained many game aspects that you might not know about.

How to play Valorant – first steps

Try boosting

Valorant is a game in which boosting services are very developed. It’s convenient and saves time. By watching the game of professionals from valorant boosting, you can learn a lot of new things, including interesting techniques, and just get a good start to start the game. The services also include coaching, during which professional gamers teach others their tricks.

Practice at the shooting range

Of particular note is the shooting practice mode, which will be part of your training. Even after completing the training for the first time, you can start the shooting range again and shoot at harmless bots. After the first few training sessions, you will probably want to beat your previous record, and after a couple of such sessions, your shooting will become much better.

Adjust the sound

In Valorant, as in CS:GO, R6 Siege, and other tactical shooters, listening can sometimes be as useful as looking around. With the help of sounds, you can find out the location of your opponent, understand what weapon he is using, and hear when he is planting/defusing a bomb. Therefore, before matches, it is worth turning off all distracting sounds on the computer, turning off the music, and adjusting the game volume so that you can hear even the smallest footsteps.

What to pay attention to in the first match?

Select the right weapon

At each round of the game, certain weapons are useful and there are lots of weapons in this game. In pistol rounds, you can buy armor or a stronger pistol, and after winning it, you can buy a rifle or a weaker submachine gun. Make purchases based on the situation in the match and don’t be shy about asking your teammates for weapons if you don’t have enough money.

Study economics

Just like in CS:GO, in Valorant finances are of great importance to purchase weapons, armor, and abilities. Try to always keep the team’s economy in good shape: install the Spike explosive device as often as possible (even if you have shot all the enemies, its installation will give the team some money), and do not forget about the economic rounds with pistols, and when purchasing, always rely on the team’s money, and not on your own.

Feel the shooting with the main weapon

In Valorant, after a couple of matches, you can understand for yourself which pistol is more convenient for you to play with and which rifle is most suitable for you. Remember how you feel when playing with each weapon – in the future, this will help you choose a special weapon for yourself with which you will fall apart.

How to defend yourself?

Constantly change positions on the point

At first, this will be useful for beginners, who will learn the map much faster by moving around it. At the same time, enemies who saw you in one place last round will not be waiting for you in another. Don’t forget that when changing positions, you must warn your teammates.

Feel free to save

If your opponents have already reached the point, placed Spike, and killed all their teammates, then perhaps the best decision would be to save the weapon for the next round. When you realize that you no longer have a chance to win, run to the other end of the map, where the explosion will not reach you, and try to survive. In the next round, the saved weapon will come in handy.

Advice in attack

Stay together

It is much easier to occupy a point if you do it not one at a time but with the whole team. By attacking alone, you run the risk of hitting several opponents who can easily overwhelm you with numbers. At the same time, with the right communication, it will not be difficult for you to get to the point with the whole team.

Play with a variety of strategies

Of course, the easiest way is to quickly fly to one of the points, but even if such a tactic worked in a couple of rounds, this does not mean that it will work next time. Play in a variety of ways, and be creative and imaginative. This will not only help confuse your opponent but will also bring you a lot of fun.

Check your back

One enemy sneaking behind you can decide the outcome of the entire round. It is always necessary to leave at least one teammate behind so that he cuts off all possible enemy approaches.

How to play better and better?

Give the positions’ names

Valorant has names for positions, but nothing stops you and your friends from coming up with your names for them. As soon as your team speech contains clear information, and not the abstract “He’s behind the box,” the game will become much easier.

Try to aim for the head

This is a banal but very important tip that many people forget about. Always keep your sights level with the enemy’s head to pull the trigger at the right moment, and also try not to mindlessly hold down the fire button, but to fire one precise cartridge at a time.

These tips will help you improve at Valorant and increase your chances of winning. Train, win, and have fun.

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