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What is the Cost for Custom iPhone App Development?

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The preference of iOS for smart phones in the United States is underpinned by unmatched user experience, application quality and performance, and a security framework. Apple’s development environment puts extensive emphasis on user experience. Even technologies used to develop an iOS app, such as Swift, prioritize performance, safety, and error handling.

All these parameters suggest a sense of exclusivity that iOS apps offer. With that sense of exclusivity comes a differential rate card for app development. If the app incorporates basic features like a search bar, user login, and much more, it can require a capital investment of around $60,000 USD. Since the complexity of the features is directly proportional to the cost, the estimated expense of an advanced iPhone app can be around $200,000 USD or more.

Factors Influencing the Custom iPhone App Development Cost

Incorporating extra features in the app to meet the demands of users and businesses is possible. Consequently, your iOS app should have better-business-driven features like smooth navigation, third-party payment gateways, etc. These business and data-driven features play an influential factor in evaluating your iOS app development allocation, along with the elements detailed below:

1.     iOS App Development Cost on the Basis of Size

The size of the app is directly proportional to the app development capital investment. For instance, if you build a small app with basic features, the capital investment will be less than for a complex app. Distinguishable procedures and methodologies define the features and functionalities you prefer so you can begin agreeing on the app concept and its features before instigating the app development method.

Furthermore, detailed market analysis should be performed, including competitor research and a careful emphasis on devices for users, features they value, and characteristics that restrict an exceptional user experience.

Here’s the list of the expenditures of creating an iOS app based on the app scope:

iOS App SizeiOS App Development Cost Range
Small app$20,000-$60,000
Medium app$60,000-$150,000
Complex app$150,000+

2.     Complexity of the iOS app

An app is regarded as efficient only when it possesses numerous features and functionalities for users. From third-party integration to modern architecture, everything holds value and adds to the estimated budget cost. The more feasible and robust the app you build, the more increments in the budget you observe.

The cost of the estimated budget can be near about:

App ComplexityApp Development Cost Range
Basic iOS app$20,000- 60,000
Medium and complex iOS app$60,000-$250,000

3.     Category of iOS App

Considering that there are indefinite kinds of iOS mobile apps, the expenditure of individual apps depends heavily on their category. Your business industry decides the type of app you must look forward to. For instance, a game company would build a gaming app specific to its users, not an ecommerce app.

Let us find out the development cost for different categories:

iOS App CategoriesAverage Development Cost Range
Gaming app$35,000-250,000
Business app$20,500-150,000
Education app$25,00-80,000
Entertainment app$20,000-100,000
Travel app$30,000-50,000
Shopping app$25,000-50,000
Social networking app$25,000-60,000
Health and fitness app$35,000-250,000
Medical app$35,000-150,000

4.     Design and UI/UX

The design of an app approach and animation are different distinguished elements we must include when managing the question, “What is the cost of creating an iOS app?” It is apprehended that various designs, layouts, and illustrations will be combined to make various expenditures for the same app. This is not to say that exciting app designs can assist you with expanded engagement and boosted conversion rates.

App DesignDevelopment Cost Range
App design research$100-$350
UX design$2000-$8000
UI design$10,000-$40,000
Animations and illustrations$1000-$20,000

5.     App Development Team Size

The cost of building an iOS app greatly depends on who you choose, such as a freelance iPhone app innovator or an experienced iOS app development agency.

The list of iOS app development costs based on particular position size:

Role NamePer Hour Cost
iOS app developer$20-$100
UI/UX designer$15- $50
Scrum master$50-$150
Project manager$12-$40
QA engineer$30-$70
Business analyst$60-$150

Considering the difference, hiring a particular skill can be costly, so it is recommended that you choose a full-stack iOS app development group from the best iPhone app development agency at an affordable price.


As one can see, the cost of developing an iPhone app depends on various factors, and businesses and enterprises must consider them all. Choosing the suitable app development is essential for budget-friendly decision-making.

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