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About Ayesha Ambreen

Ayesha Ambreen is a Creative Content Strategist, Top Author on Quora, Featured SlideShare Creative/Author, and Graphic Designer. Best known for her creative visuals and viral content ideas, Ayesha’s work has been featured on blogs such as, LifeHacker, CreativeBloq, Hubspot and more. She holds a degree in telecommunication engineering with extensive experience in writing, outreach, strategic visuals, and search engine marketing. A writer by day and a reader by night, Ayesha loves to explore new realms of creativity and content through her work.


When most people think of branding, they think of visual aspects, like logos. But branding is much more than that! Branding involves any point of contact between your business and the consumer, which means branding determines what experience your customer is going to have with your brand. It has the potential to either enhance your […]