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About Bryan Mixon

Bryan Mixon is the owner of AmazeLaw, the website building for solo and small firm attorneys and one of the best facebook advertising agency. He has been building websites since 1999 and has spent his last four years helping companies like HubSpot, Mill33, and LivingSocial. Bryan knows from his personal experience how difficult it can be for small business owners to get their digital marketing off the ground, so he built AmazeLaw as a great super-simple place for solo attorneys to build their sites, collect leads and get on with their days of doing lawyerly things.


Chatbots are in trend these days. They are highly versatile and can be utilized to boost customer service, increase online sales, as well as help in customer retention, lead generation, and data collection.  Using chatbots also improves your marketing efforts and conversions on what is missing on your marketing strategy.  What is a Chatbot? A […]