Author - Daniel Eastes

avatarDaniel Eastes is a resilient individual who has navigated through a diverse set of life experiences. Born in 1975, he embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to his current role as the owner of a web design agency in St. Helens.

At the age of 17, Daniel made a life-altering decision to join the military, enlisting in the army. In 2016, Daniel's life took a dramatic turn when he encountered an explosion orchestrated by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan. This event marked a pivotal moment in his life, shaping his path toward resilience, determination, and recovery.

Following his service in the military, Daniel transitioned to civilian life, drawing on his strength and determination to overcome the challenges of life in civvy street. His unwavering spirit and adaptability enabled him to find a new calling, one that allowed him to channel his creativity and skills.

Today, Daniel is the proud owner of a web design agency based in St. Helens called His journey from the battlefield to the world of digital design showcases his ability to persevere, adapt, and excel in diverse fields. He brings the same dedication, attention to detail, and commitment that he displayed during his military service to his work in web design.