Author - Troy Deus

avatarTroy Deus is the Co-founder and head of product at Drum, where he is focused on delivering powerful products that enable any business to stand up an ondemand salesforce using brand promoters called Drummers.

Troy graduated with a degree in digital design and 3-D animation from University of Georgia. Since graduating, Troy watched as product design, development and user experience gained prominence as a key revenue driver. Troy comes to Drum by way of years of managing design, UX, and product teams in interactive television, mobile, and marketing automation.

In 2011, Rob Frohwein invited Troy to join the scrappy new finance technology startup Kabbage. Troy spent the next 8 years growing the Kabbage, brand, experience, and product. Since then, Kabbage has empowered over 200,000 businesses with funding and has provided over $7 Billion in loans. For the next chapter of Troy’s career he plans to empower everyone across the globe with the means to earn money promoting the businesses they believe in with Drum.