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June 5, 2017

5 Incredibly Easy Tactics to Increase Twitter Reach

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Twitter has always been unique in providing the best platform for conversations and real-time engagement.

Even if Twitter has become more crowded, it still remains the only social network on which you can converse with just about anybody. It also offers one of the only viable ways to ‘chat’ with large groups of people at once, and find prospects based on real-time data.

Your worry about reaching large audiences on Twitter may be legit, considering the short lifespan of tweets, but these five tactics can effectively address your concerns.

1. Believe in the basics

You are best equipped to succeed on Twitter when you understand and follow its rules and etiquette. Subtle changes in how you craft tweets, can dramatically affect your results.

Use the right hashtags on every tweet. It increases the chances of your content being discovered by the right people.

@mention people where required. That’s how you get people and their followers to participate in conversations.

Search for hashtags and content related to your niche. You can find the right conversations to participate in by searching for hashtags or following people in your niche.

If you want to avoid searching for hashtags each time you share content, you could use a social media manager app like DrumUp that offers hashtag recommendations.

With a hashtag research tool like RiteTag, you can also skip hashtag research and always know the most effective tags to use.

2. Initiate conversations

“Twitter is still a marketer’s dream come true,” says Gary Vee, because you can strike cold conversations on the platform without worrying about being perceived as a stalker.

You simply need to find the right conversations to jump into; conversations where you can ask the right questions or add something of value.


To find openings like these, you need to be monitoring the right keywords/hashtags.

If you have a sense of what your customers are likely to be talking about, you can set up advanced search mechanisms on a social media monitoring tool like Brand24.

3. Listen for feedback

It isn’t enough to only push content, you also have to actively listen for feedback. More people are heading to social networks, Twitter in particular, for customer service than ever before.

Providing excellent customer service is a great way to grab more attention for your brand and the kind of customer experience you provide.


Most people don’t hold back on Twitter, so you get a lot of great feedback on the platform for both your product and how you communicate with customers.

Additionally, you can also listen for unanswered questions and general feedback in your industry to understand what is being offered and what is missing.

To discover questions in your niche, you can use a keyword based query search tool like FAQFox. You could have the public face of your company answer such questions and build a powerful social media presence. Several successful small businesses are built on the backs of personal brands.

4. Use creative visuals

Visuals can help you catch more attention, when used properly. Here are a few visual hacks that are super easy to use.

Superimpose text on your visuals to make your message more prominent.


Share thought-provoking quotes and ideas on stark, stand-out backgrounds.


Use GIFs coupled with humorous text.

Take screenshots that illustrate and support your point.


If you want a quick means of putting together visuals, you can use a graphic editor like Canva.

5. Cross-post on external media

You don’t have to limit your tweets to Twitter, you can embed them in blog posts, share screenshots of them in e-mails and share them on other social networks.

Tweets are easy examples that you can add to blog posts. You can also embed quote-tweets, questions or quick ideas as tweets on your blog posts. That way, your audience can simply click on them and like/reply to them if they want to.

Collecting testimonials can be taxing. Instead, you can work with positive experiences that your customers have tweeted.

You could take screenshots of those tweets and share them on sales e-mails or embed them on webpages to increase conversion rates.


The more visual, specific and interactive you get on Twitter, the better your engagement and returns are likely to be. With the right tactics and tools, you can easily build a more engaged Twitter presence.


Disha Dinesh is a content and social media strategist whose focus rests in helping small businesses succeed online. When she’s not working on marketing strategies, you can find her foot-tapping to the latest in progressive rock.