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June 16, 2014

Convert Traffic to Sales Using Easier Landing Page Creator

Are you good at creating landing pages from scratch? Getting conversions requires creating custom landing pages. They are the difference between businesses that are able to get online marketing working for them and those that aren’t.

Today you do not have to create landing pages the hard way. Many e-mail marketing providers and marketing solutions provide templates that make creating landing pages much easier than it used to be. Some are rather clunky. Others don’t work well on mobile devices like Smartphones or tablet. Only recently have they included links to your social networks and social sharing buttons.

Whatever you use, be sure the templates are mobile responsive and all the buttons actually function on iPhones, Androids and tablets. To successfully market you need a way to:

  • Create landing pages;
  • Build your list;
  • Collect leads;
  • And follow up with potential buyers.

Fortunately, it is getting easier to build landing pages because the solutions providers are improving them. This video will give you a good idea how far they have come:

Why Separate Landing Pages?
Many businesses are still sending all their traffic from every source to their home page. This is a big mistake. Pages created specifically for visitors arriving from different destinations simply convert higher. For example:

  • Welcome visitors from your Twitter account and guide them into your conversion funnel.
  • Land clicks from pay-per-click sources like AdWords on a page specific to the product in that ad.
  • Send print media ads to a page for each ad so you can track which ad buys generate sales.

I’m sure you’ve seen TV advertising sending you to a page on the advertiser’s domain to a specific page. They might send you to or or You can do the same with custom landing pages.

You need to make them regularly, so why not do it the easiest way possible? The infographic below explains the basics of creating landing pages that convert. GetResponse is best known as an e-mail solutions provider, but GetResponse also provides landing page software.

Creating Pages That Convert #Infographic

Yes, sending people to your home page is the “easy” way. But success requires tracking what is working so you can prioritize your investment of both time and ad spend. For that you must master the art of landing pages that convert. Having tools that make that painless encourages testing.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is, I don’t know which half.
~ John Wanamaker ~

With custom landing pages you will know which ad spend is generating sales! Make this year the year you join the businesses whose earnings are increasing.


Gail Gardner provides small business marketing strategy at Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.