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How G Suite Can Revolutionize Your Business Operations

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Google has established a globally renowned brand and is the most widely used search engine. Today, however, Google is much more than a research method as folks the world over leverage the company’s many business offerings to create their own colossal successes.

From analytics and advertisements to calendars and feature-rich online docs, Google provides small business owners with a variety of resources to manage and grow their brands.

Many of the business services that Google provides have been bundled together into a powerful package known under its more recent branding of G Suite.

As a small business owner, there is a good chance that you are already leveraging Gmail, Drive, and some of Google’s other business-focused offerings. If this is the case, you might be wondering why you would start paying for something that you’re largely getting for free.

Today, we are going to examine why paying for the advanced features of G Suite – a $10 per month package – is worth the investment and can help you run the entirety of your business.

Gains to Gmail

Gmail is a foundational element for every Google account.

If you leverage the search giant’s free email services, you are touting an email address that looks something like “” In addition to the email account, you also gain access to 15GB of storage across Gmail and Google Drive.

While this might work fine for someone who gets most of their gigs on Upwork, as a small business your customers are seeking something that indicates they can trust you; and an email anyone can get their hands on doesn’t exactly elicit faith.

If your brand opts to upgrade to G Suite, you gain a personalized business email that reads something like “” This is a bigger benefit than it may seem as this also enables you to create mailing groups for monikers like “”

Moreover, the paid version of these offerings provides you with double the storage capacity – 30GB – which is sure to come in handy with your entire organization operating through Gmail and G Suite.

Hangouts Enhancement

Google Hangouts is the search engine’s chat and video conferencing solution. The free version of this service enables users to chat with up to 100 other individuals in a single conversation. The video calling portion is capable of housing up to 10 people at once.

When users upgrade to G Suite, however, two new features become available.

The first, Hangouts Meet, ups the video conferencing capacity to 30 individuals who can gain access to the feed with only a shared link; no sign-ins or plugins necessary.

The second feature – Hangouts Chat – is a mobile chat application where colleagues can discuss projects, attach files from within G Suite, and utilize other elements not available to standard Google Hangouts users.

Deepening Drive

Google Drive is the collaboration center for teams; here, various files can be shared and worked on as an organization.

The standard version of this app enables 15 GB of storage and allows users to categorize files and use the search feature to find specific items. Additionally, users can share files with co-workers through their email address.

For G Suite users, however, 30GB of storage is granted alongside the option to upgrade to unlimited storage for $10 per month per user. Additionally, teams also gain access to Team Drive; a feature that allows for a singular Drive where all docs and files can be accessed without having to provide permissions for each individual item.

Furthermore, when using Drive on Android, users are provided with a “Quick Access” section which will show recently opened docs or those you might need based on communications with colleagues.

Supplemental Sites

In addition to the powerful augmentations that users can get their hands on with G Suite, Google also provides business professionals with Sites; an app that essentially serves as an intranet wherein employees can access all of the data an organization wishes to share with them or outside sources.

A drag-and-drop interface eliminates the need to possess coding or design skills while enabling custom-made sites to be created with ease. Additionally, Sites features custom security settings that dictates who can gain access.

All of this while remaining mobile-optimized and responsive.

Crafty Calendar

While many people live by Google Calendar, the G Suite version comes equipped with an intelligent scheduling feature, capable of predicting times when you and your co-workers or employees will be available.

The application uses this information to suggest meeting times, making scheduling easier than ever.

Clever Cloud Search

Bringing together all of these features is Google’s search algorithm. The company applied this system to the G Suite via Cloud Search; an intelligent search function capable of tracking down emails, folders, files, people, or anything else within the company’s database.

Cloud Search also provides G Suite users with informed suggestions as they search, based on recent interactions.

If you are looking for something across your organization but aren’t sure where it is stored, Cloud Search is the easiest way to find it.

These valuable features and applications indicate that Google is attempting (and succeeding) at positioning itself as a business service contender alongside offerings like Microsoft Office.

If you’re already making use of Google’s many free applications, transitioning to G Suite is a minor (albeit powerful) shift that will enable you to manage nearly every aspect of your business with a single, unifying service.

The best part of G Suite is that if you find yourself wondering if it is a sound investment for your brand or not, you can take advantage of the company’s 14-day free trail.

Do you think that G Suite would be beneficial to your brand? What feature do you wish G Suite possessed?

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