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Six Apps to Track Email Open Rates

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Your email open rate can be an excellent indicator of whether you’re getting conversions after people read your emails. Tools that track open rates generally insert an invisible image into the message and notify you if it loads, indicating someone saw the email’s content. 

Here are six apps and extensions worth checking out. 

1. Yesware

Yesware is an extremely user-friendly option that allows you to either track or not track every email you send. It also integrates with a CMS, if you use one. Because of these features and others, you’ll often find Yesware mentioned as one of the best email trackers, especially for people in sales. 

The tracking interface becomes part of your inbox, and this tool can help you create better emails by using templates and automatic follow-up messages. 

Some people may think tracking statistics shown directly in the inbox makes things too cluttered, but otherwise, this tool works well for helping you determine what happens to emails after you send them out.

Pricing starts at $12 per user per month, billed annually. There is also a 28-day trial available. 

2. MailTracker

MailTracker is a straightforward email open rate tool for Gmail. After you install it, MailTracker monitors all emails and sends you a notification through Gmail. It even works if people open the email several times. You’ll get details about each instance, which could help you gauge their level of interest. 

You may find it’s too basic for your needs if email marketing is a substantial part of your business. However, if you’re interested in seeing how email tracking works, it’s a worthy free tool.

3. ClearSlide

ClearSlide is a full-scale email sales tool that offers email tracking and numerous other capabilities. You get instant notifications when people open the content. Plus, additional insights are available, such as how recipients interacted with the messages, included when they forwarded them to others. 

People using ClearSlide can then immediately tailor appropriate responses based on those initial engagements. A color-coded tracking timeline indicates engagement amounts, too, based on a level from low to high and represented as a percentage of overall recipients.

Pricing starts at $35 per month per user, billed annually, after a trial period. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see how long the trial lasts until you agree to sign up. 

4. SendPulse

The email analytics component of SendPulse is quite extensive and provides numerous metrics beyond email-open rates, such as the location where a person opened an email, the click-through rate, the devices used to view the message and statistics about errors.  

This service has numerous productivity-enhancing features, and people are particularly happy with the level of customer support offered. However, the number of email templates is limited for people not on paid plans. 

A free option is available with premium rates, depending on subscribers and the number of emails sent.

5. Free Email Tracker

This Chrome extension gives you both an email notification and a desktop alert when a person opens an email. While that’s handy if you like instant updates, it could be too disruptive if you use this tool for substantially sized campaigns. 

Free Email Tracker gives reminders about unopened emails, letting you take action to encourage more desirable results. Moreover, it allows tweaking the settings so that your personal emails don’t get tracked.

6. GetNotify

This online-based tool lets you track any email by adding the “” extension to the address before you send it. Recipients do not see that addition to their emails, so they don’t know the messages give you tracking details. 

Some of the open-rate statistics you’ll receive include the operating system and browser type, geographic location and whether people click on any links in your emails. 

You can use GetNotify with any email provider, which is a plus. However, having to add the extension to an email to make the service work could increase the likelihood of typos. 

This app is free with a donation option that gives you more email tracking credits on an as-needed basis.

Open Rate Trackers for Campaigns of All Sizes

Whether you’re sending emails to a few hundred people or hundreds of thousands, these six tools can help you figure out the general effectiveness of those messages. 

After getting insights, you can decide how to make your emails more enticing to the people who receive them — or realize you’re already doing almost everything right.

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