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5 Reasons to Work with Expert SEO Writers

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I know – hiring experts costs money. What doesn’t right?

This is the main objection people who DIY their websites have – “we can’t afford an expert SEO copywriter or content writer, so we’ll do it ourselves”.

As you’ll see below, this is rarely a good idea. Companies that are well-staffed and have a dedicated writing team can do a great job on their own.

By “writing team”, I do mean experts, not a cousin who “can write”, OK?

So if you do have an expert team that is not overworked in place, this article is not for you. If you don’t keep reading.

Top reasons why you should outsource SEO writing

Content marketing and design are the top two outsourced activities across industries. Why?

Because they both require specialized staff that is often too expensive to hire in-house full time. 

As the owner of a digital marketing agency offering content writing and copywriting services, I could give you hundreds of reasons why you should hire outside help in this area.

Instead, I’m going to say this: if your content is currently producing results in terms of BOTH traffic and lead generation or sales, then you are good on your own. If not, take a look at the reasons below – they are not my own. They are the top reasons why our clients chose our services instead of DIY-ing their SEO content and copywriting.

1. It’s cheaper

It sounds counterintuitive, right? How can you save money by paying someone else? Well, think about it for a bit.

A lot of our clients told us “we simply can’t afford to do this in-house anymore”. We worked with business owners who sacrificed the time they should have been spending on growing their company and with marketing managers who simply couldn’t find the time to write yet another blog post.

If the average long-form blog post takes around five hours to write (topic and keyword research included), just think about what else you could be doing in those five hours. Plus, a SEO writer will never charge as much per hour as a C-level exec. This is how you save money by outsourcing writing.

Freeing up your time means that you can focus on what really matters – growing your business or experimenting with new marketing tactics. 

2. Online writing isn’t for everyone

And that’s perfectly OK. We are inclined to think that anyone who graduated from high school can write. Of course they can! They can form intelligible sentences.

But this doesn’t mean that their writing is convincing. Or that they know how to speak to your (potential) clients.

Online writing takes years to master – and that’s without taking SEO into account.

3. Fresh, objective eyes can help your content marketing and SEO strategy a lot

No one knows your products as well as you do. Certainly not the agency you outsource writing to.

But sometimes that’s a good thing.

You need to get out of your head.

Someone completely new is more likely to look at all your content the way a client would. Plus, they are unbiased and un-invested in your strategy thus far. They don’t run the risk of being fired, so they will recommend changes and tactics your employees might not.

And yes, they will also tell you when you are wrong. This is their job; they are the experts. Since they don’t work in your office and they have other clients, they afford to be honest and offer constructive critique when needed.

4. Your content is in-line with recent SEO developments and tactics

Be honest – do you have the time to monitor every single Google algorithm update? Of course not! Hundreds of them are happening in a single year.

Are you completely sure that your content couldn’t be any SEO-friendlier? 

Expert SEO writers are. It’s their job to know all about algorithm updates and, more importantly, how they affect content writing.

When you work with expert SEO writers, you benefit from their experience, expertise and, more importantly, from all the trial and error and tests they performed to learn what works best.

5. You can finally stick to your calendar

Three meetings in a day, dozens of emails and reports PLUS two more blog posts to write?

Who’s got time for that?

Most often, that answer does not include business execs and marketing managers.

This is how you content calendar gets all messed up. We all know that posting new content frequently (at least once per week, ideally four, according to HubSpot) is the key to both higher rankings and more sales.

Outsourcing writing helps you stick to your plan and create fresh, engaging content as often as your strategy requires it.


Outsourcing often gets a bad rep. Almost everyone has a horror story about it (yours included). But choosing the right person or agency to outsource to can save you money and help you grow your business. If you’re tired of being a Jack of all trades and the master of none, take a look at our copywriting and content writing services. My team and I would be happy to help you ace your content marketing and SEO!

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