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6 Online Writing and Editing Tools to Make SEO Optimized Content

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SEO is a useful parameter that can be used to boost your user engagement and traffic. However, despite the overwhelming benefits, it possesses one significant hurdle. 

SEO optimized content can be appealing to search engine algorithms, but readers might find it bland or even appalling. Therefore, you need to focus on writing for the reader, first and foremost. 

After you’ve accomplished writing the basis of your text, you can focus on optimizing that same content. To avoid jeopardizing the project, you can make use of excellent online writing and editing tools. 

Without decreasing the quality level of your text, you can publish SEO optimized content that is oozing with quality, while still topping the search results. When it comes to these tools, our 8 favorites are listed here. 

1. WordStream

This excellent marketing software provides advertising and optimizes any content that the customer desires. As a part of this software, there is a free Keyword Tool. By using it, you can improve your search results, add advanced and custom-made filters, along with imputing personally collected data into your account. 

2. Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

A mistake many marketers make revolves around the use of keywords. Some tend to overdo it and make the article feel “stiff” and unreadable to the human mind. Remember, you want to commit yourself to keeping readers and customers. 

Why even think about swindling them into clicking on your link and have them abandon the page? With this tool, you can choose the keywords and see the density, frequency, and percentage. Usually, the keywords should make up 1-3% of the text.

3. On-Page Optimization Tool

This particular tool analyzes existing SEO and lets you look through every bit of text and see statistics and potential outcomes for putting a selected keyword somewhere. 

You can look through both internal and external links. A thorough analysis of your meta information and all the content you publish gives you a good starting point. From there on, you can focus on the optimization itself. 

4. Essay-on-time

Not only can you order custom texts, papers and assignments for a reasonable price, but you can also benefit from the proofreading options. This writing assistance tool carefully analyzes your text to see if there is room for optimizing it further. Proofreading, in this case, can allow you to successfully grasp the flow of the text, as well as the readability.

Also, the software gives you a general score, indicating if your work is optimized or under-optimized. It can also alert you if the keyword density is too much or if there are further issues with the text. 

5. Easy Word Count

Sometimes, you won’t be able to have Microsoft Office at your disposal, nor any other software that provides you with a word count. Word numbers are the frame in which you can put your quality work. Therefore, you should track the number of words per page or per text.

Too many words, and reader’s fatigue will set in. Not too many words and you might be inclined to deal with disappointed customers. The ideal word count depends on the page and the subject you’re writing on, but Easy Word Count gives you a good indication of what’s going on in that department.

6. Slick Write

Just like the previous entries on our list, Slick Write allows you to get rid of any redundancies and complications in your text. Overly wordy phrases, redundant words, and adverbs are the main target here. Dropping them and having your piece condensed appropriately can drive your traffic in a short period of time. 

This is why it’s ideal to write a text and then focus on the proofreading services. That way, you will learn how to write SEO-optimized pieces yourself.

To Conclude

Content is the king and content writing is the king-making art. Having a knack for expression will always be the most important factor when keeping readers. However, if you want to attract readers, you will have to climb Google’s ranks and be on the first page. Therefore, use all of these tools and more clicks will definitely be garnered.

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