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Using Google’s Free Tool for Boosting Your SEO

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Ever since Google started dominating the search landscape, it has offered a variety of tools to Webmasters to improve their rankings. In the initial years, the Webmasters tool provided a lot of actionable data to website owners. It was upgraded to Google Search Console and now Google has also updated the Google Search Console and all the reports are directly sent to Webmasters to make them aware of various issues affecting their website in the Google search results. Here is how you can use this free tool from Google to boost your rankings in the search engine result pages.

First and foremost, you need to understand what is included in the Google Search Console. It has a variety of uses but primarily, you can use the search console for submitting new content to the search engine crawlers. It also allows you to submit URLs that you do not want to be shown in the search results and to maintain your site without causing any disruption to its search performance. Low quality back links have been the bane of webmasters but with the help of Google Search Console, you can easily monitor and disavow those back links that may negatively impact your search rankings. High quality backlinks aren’t easy to get and they come at very high price. But can help you fetch high quality backlinks at low price through white hat techniques.

While Google Analytics provides a lot of data, you will get in-depth data regarding the performance of your site in the organic search results in the search console. You will find that most of the top searches in your Google analytics report is labeled as not provided. On the other hand, the search console offers you much more in-depth data as the data in the search console is collected from all the searches made on the Google search engine. This is not the case with Google analytics as it is only used for measuring traffic that comes to your website. In other words, Google analytics does not offer any data on missed opportunities whereas this data is offered by search console.

In simple terms, the search console allows you to find the queries for which your site appeared in the search results. In addition, you will also find data on other domains that are linking to your website. Google has now rebuilt the search console from the ground up in order to offer a lot more tools and insights to Webmasters. 

Webmasters can now easily find out the webpages of their web site that are indexed. They will also get insights on how they can fix any indexing errors and have access to 16 months’ worth of data that was earlier restricted to only the last 90 days. Access to 16 months’ worth of data makes it very easy for you to discover longer-term trends and allow you to make year over year comparisons.

The new search console also offers you a lot of data on a variety of common indexing errors as well as ways to fix them. The index coverage report tells you how URLs are indexed on your website by Google. Other reports will also tell you about various other errors and how you can resolve those errors. In addition, you will also get a report to fix any crawl errors that the Google crawlers found while crawling your website. For instance, you will find whether there are any issues with your robots.txt file that prevents the crawling of certain webpages.

These are only some of the latest updates made to Google search console but it is expected that Google will keep adding more data and insights in this free to use tool to help Webmasters to maintain and grow their search rankings. It is important to mention here that while Google search console offers a lot of data, it is the responsibility of the Webmaster to fix all the reported errors. It is also important for webmasters to publish useful content on their website in order to get high quality targeted traffic from organic search results.

Overall, these are only some of the ways you can use this free to use tool from Google to enhance your SEO. Google has announced that it will keep rolling out new features to help Webmasters. So, keep an eye out for announcements on the Google blog to find out the latest features added to the search console and how you can utilize those features to get more free traffic from organic search.

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