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7 Signs You Need Google Ads Help & Support

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Whether you’re a new Google Ads advertiser or have been running campaigns for years, there comes a time when you need help.

This could be when:

• Your account has grown and you have many campaigns to manage

• You have just launched Google Ads or want to launch a campaign

• You want to launch different campaign types like Video and Display and have little experience

• You need to understand your target audiences searches better

Here are some other reasons you may need AdWords help:

Performance has Dropped

If performance has dropped lately and sales are down, you may need some help to understand why. And that’s especially important if you have a large account and a lot of historic data.

Sifting through your reports can be time consuming and you’ll be still none the wiser on the cause. The effect of this is that performance will continue to drop and affect your profitability.

This is when you need to hire an AdWords expert to review the campaigns and implement a solution. An expert will review both your AdWords and Google Analytics reports to compare current performance with past performance to see how that has changed.

And the expert will look at key metrics like conversions, CTR, bounce rate, Quality Score and others to create a plan on how to improve them.

Your Spend is Out of Control

Changing budgets in AdWords is easy but there are times when changing it can affect performance. For example, if you reduce budget for all ads and keywords, that could affect the performance of your best performers and wipe out your sales.

So you need to be able to adjust budgets based on thorough analysis. This will help you maximise your best performers and minimise your worst ones. An AdWords Expert will help you with this and also manage your campaigns effectively.

New Competitors have Entered the Field

Competition is at an all-time high on AdWords. Advertisers are paying more per click on average than a year ago and it’s no longer surprising to pay £3 per click. So, with such an increase in competition from new advertisers bidding aggressively, your spend has likely increased considerably.

Getting AdWords help to implement a new strategy will be important. You may need a change in your bidding strategies, keyword selection, ad text optimisation and many other tactics

You Want to Implement Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns are complex and include many advanced features. Unlike other campaign types, this one will take a number of days to setup and start advertising. Also, the Google review process is longer and could take up to 3 days or more.

You’ll need to create a datafeed to promote your products and this will need to be added to your Google Merchant Center Account. Feeds can be at times difficult to create and you may get a few errors and warnings as you submit yours.

Depending on your website platform, there are a number of ways to provide the feed and an AdWords Specialist will guide you on how to create this.

You have had a Suspension

A suspension means you won’t be able to advertise on Google. If it’s a permanent suspension from a grievous violation of AdWords policies, then there may be very little you can do. You won’t be able to advertise again.

But if it’s a first suspension, then reviewing AdWords policy will help to resolve this and getting help may be the best solution. For example, if your website has issues that need to be resolved, then an AdWords Specialist can help you fix this and remove the suspension.

You Want to Launch a Bing Ads Campaign

Launching a Bing Ads campaign is the natural course for AdWords advertisers looking to reach a wider range of customers. Setting up Bing Ads is straightforward and when you create an account you can transfer your AdWords campaigns over. But you may need help to customise it accordingly and make sure you’re making the most of this platform.

Bing Ads has less traffic, but the search targeting is good and many advertisers see good returns from it.

You Want to Understand Some Key Metrics

You may need help to understand some key metrics in AdWords and Analytics. Both platforms offer a wide range of metrics that are relevant to you understanding your visitors and customers.

So, an AdWords Expert will work with you to analyse the reports and pick the important metrics to track and improve. The metrics you pick should help you implement an effective strategy to achieve your goals.


Setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns can be challenging at times. There are many factors to work on including competitors, Ads, keywords, search terms, budgets and much more. So, you may need help to manage this, especially if you run a complex account with many campaigns.

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