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The Top 9 Free Logo Maker Tools for Small Businesses

Logos are an imperative aspect of any brand and their importance has significantly increased after the digital revolution. Digital platforms have made it quite stress-free for businesses to reach out to their potential consumers yet this has also maximized market competition.  Buyers have hundreds of options for buying a single product and that puts pressure on  businesses because they have to struggle to be the option that most buyers would choose. 

Good marketing and effective branding are the key factors that influence the buying decisions of potential customers. However, both of the following factors rely considerably on the logo. A logo communicates the values of a brand and attracts customers. It delivers meaningful business messages to buyers without speaking a word. A logo is not just a visual representation of a brand, rather it reflects the business identity itself. Therefore, a good logo can contribute a lot to the success of a brand whereas an inappropriate logo can have the reverse effect. 

The benefits of a logo and market competition makes it necessary for a business to have a logo at the outset. Even though logo designing is an expensive industry and many small businesses cannot afford to hire a reputable designer, having a logo is not so difficult anymore. This article is going to present 8 free logo designing tools that can help companies create compelling logos for their brand. A good Free Logo Generator Tool is capable of allowing a business to have a highly functional brand logo in a few minutes. Here are the details of different logo generators that you can access free of cost.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the good free designing websites that provides many designing services. It has many features similar to those available with professional designing tools. It reduces design complexity and makes it easier for businesses to design a logo on their own. The tool provides designers and business with a stock of free images for inspiration. 

2. Design Iconic

Design Iconic is another free logo design maker tool that has a huge range of unconventional features that include patterns, images, icons and a broad color palette. You can easily create your own free logos by simply dragging and dropping your desired – elements, fonts & design concepts to complete your logo. After completing your logo, you can easily download it and the associated files for free to your devices.

3. Logo Makr

Logo Makr is a logo designing tool that is based on the minimalistic design trend. The features that it provides are good for designing a logo with a minimalist look. It provides basic geometric shapes, a variety of fonts and text size, and color options. 

4. UCraft Logo Maker

UCraft provides a free logo making app that can be downloaded on any device. This tool is for businesses who want to have a simple logo. You can choose different geometrical shapes, colors, text boxes, and other features that are available on the app for creating a logo. If you are willing to have a PNG file of your logo, UCraft is the best tool. It allows you to download a PNG file of your logo design. You can utilize the PNG file of your design on different platforms as it is or you can hire a professional just to refine it and use the refined one.  

5. Designhill Logo Maker

Although Design Hill is also a free logo maker tool that anyone can use, the tool requires you to work through three steps to create a free logo design. The Design Hill site also offers an opportunity for businesses to get their logos designed by other people, but you need to provide them with as much information about your brand as you can. You can design your own logo or you can hire a professional designer, the choice is all yours.  

6. Square Space Logo Maker

Square Space is a logo maker that can compete with human designers because the logos it creates look amazing and professional. Inexperienced designers and small business owners can use the features of the tool without difficulty. The site has an amazing interface that makes working with it even more joyous. Anyone who wants a professionally designed logo but can’t afford it should opt for Square Space because it can provide a professional logo without costing you a penny.

7. Shopify Logo Maker

If you do not want to spend hours on logo designing and want a tool that will facilitate you with a logo within minutes, Shopify is the way to go. Shopify has features that anyone can easily understand regardless of their design skills. It requires no technical skills and you can design a logo within minutes. The template stock is vast and small businesses can avail themselves of unique and compelling logo designs by using images provided by the tool. The good thing is that the template stock keeps growing as new trending logo designs are added all the time. 

8. Graphic Springs Logo Maker

You can create an impressive logo design with GraphicSpring Logo Maker in less than one minute. The tool does not require you to do anything other than entering the name of your brand, selecting a logo category, and picking the image that you want in your logo. Following these three simple steps results in a downloadable logo that you can use on different platforms. The best thing about this design tool is that it allows the designer to preview the logo before downloading it.

9. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster logo generator is a free logo maker that is based on the Hipster theme. Logos designed with this logo maker reflect the hipster theme. It can be a useful design tool for businesses who want to associate their brands with hipster style. You need no design experience or skills to use this tool. If you do not want to link your business with the hipster movement, however, it is  recommended you not use this tool. 

These are the 9 top logo making generating tools that you can use if you do not want to pay huge amounts to professional designers. You can check out some of these sites and choose to work with the one that you think best suits your business.

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