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9 Online Marketing Tactics to Increase Conversions in 2019

The essence of marketing is to take advantage of new channels to help you reach prospects and clients, alike. Moreover, with increased access and usage of the internet, there is need to adopt effective digital marketing strategies for your business.

The primary goal of online marketing is conversion. It’s a fundamental component in increasing the returns of a business. Just like a federal government resume, the right marketing strategy will allow you to form a connection.

On matters marketing, it will be with your buyer persona, and in the places, they hang out. To develop successful marketing tactics, you need to keep up with technological advances. 

Below are tips and tricks to put into practice in 2019:

Ways to reach your target market as you would in a Cover Letter

1. Engage the Audience with Video

As consumption of videos continues to increase, so do more social platforms invest in video content. Emphasis is on appealing and engaging videos. Incorporate them with a clear call to action and optimize for mobile users.

2. Seamless user experience makes a positive impression

UX refers to the responsiveness, speed, and ease of navigation of your website. The UX reflects on your professionalism and expertise in the industry.

3. Voice search for more interaction with customers

Over the past few years, voice search queries have grown exponentially, as voice assistants change the way users interact with their smartphones, e.g., Alexa, Siri. ComScore predicts that by 2020 (next year) about half the searches on Google will be through voice search.

4. Add value using Content Marketing

It involves curating and distributing useful content, such as blog posts, press releases, news articles, and more. Content Marketing aids in creating brand awareness and boosting the traffic to your website. It’s a good way of fostering trust and loyalty with existing and potential customers.

5. Increase reach by optimizing for mobile

In 2017, more than half of the world’s web traffic was through mobile phones. This fact translates to the need for responsive websites and customer-focused apps. Also, if your site is mobile friendly; it boosts your ranking on Google.

Leverage Customer Attitudes

6. Promote brand using Micro-influencers

These are influential people on social media who have a strong following. Since their content is tailored to their niche; it allows you to reach these dedicated followers. It also increases your engagement rate.

7. Make informed decisions using heat maps

These tools provide you with insight into how users interact with your website. They analyse the behavior of customers in real-time, determine what captures their attention and that which turns them off.

8. AI and AR to boost brand message

With personalization comes the expectation of customers to receive a great experience from a brand. It helps you strengthen your relationship with customers. AI allows you to automate the interaction with clients and analyze their data. 

Both help you to improve customer experience.

9. Better your conversions using CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Turning visitors to customers is about knowledge, skills and attitudes. You need to analyze your conversion rates to help you determine the pages that convert and those that don’t. Using analytics, you can identify the things that move prospects to a particular product or service.

Conversion isn’t just about the letters

That means different components have to work together to help you turn visitors into loyal customers -from delivering a clear brand message to using the proper channels and ensuring that customers enjoy a unique experience.

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