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6 Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Absolutely Work

Running a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign is a super challenging task, especially because you’ll be mainly dealing with clients rather than average consumers. LinkedIn serves the B2B industry, though it can provide amazing benefits for the professionals who run (or work in) a B2C company. 

Social media marketing success, after all, is the result of knowledge, skills (resources) and strategy (management of resources). A balance between these factors is key to the perfect management for a proper LinkedIn marketing performance.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 6 powerful LinkedIn marketing tips that will absolutely change the way you plan and acquire results. Pay attention, take notes, and make sure you apply!

Take Your Profile to the Next Level

LinkedIn is the digital social network designed especially for professionals, businesses, and anything that has to do anything with “business”.  

Of course, if you want to make a first good impression, your LinkedIn profile has to look amazingly good. Not good, but awesome. Beauty, structure, and visuals attract. 

You should have a really professional profile picture, a symbolic cover photo that delivers a little more knowledge and understanding about your personal brand or business, and a short yet very concise bio that tells who you are, what you do, and why you exist in the marketplace.

Write Great Posts

Content is king, even on LinkedIn. Well, I’d say, especially on LinkedIn because this is the platform where people actually open and read articles. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – these social media networks are purposed for entertainment, social interaction, and much more.

LinkedIn is purposed to bring professional connections, brand exposure and reputation, new clients, new sales, and fresh educational material for professionals and experts who want to grow professionally.

Well, writing amazing posts and publishing them on your LinkedIn page can bring three essential benefits: exposure, reputation, and authority. If you write educational content full of solutions that are able to change the lives of your target audience members, you’ll automatically gain the respect and faith of your LinkedIn connections and respectively your potential clients.

Of course, we’re not all great writers. For instance, some of the best entrepreneurs and marketers I know are never “touching” the content development part. That’s because they’re smart and know how to avoid their flaws and focus on their strengths. 

Again, content is king, so ignoring it would get you in big trouble. For that reason, I’d suggest you find an assignment writing company, a thesis proposal writing service. These are the “unknown spots” where you can find writers who can write perfect LinkedIn material.

Tag People in Your Post and Create Engagement

If you tag people in your posts, you’re basically putting your content in front of more eyes because the connections of the tagged individuals will also see what you’ve distributed. 

Of course, you shouldn’t start tagging random connections. One way of tagging is thinking which of your connections would resonate with your post, and simply ask a question at the end of the post (while tagging more friends). Also, tag everyone who might find that post interesting. 

Don’t Ignore Hashtags

Whenever you want to post something new on LinkedIn, the platform recommends “suggested Hashtags”. Well, they wouldn’t be doing it if that feature wasn’t important for them to integrate. Since it is, you should “get that clue” and use it to get free reach.

By simply adding relevant and descriptive but also branded hashtags in your posts, you’re improving your overall post reach simply for free.

Engage and Offer Value in Niche Discussion Groups

Groups are the perfect places to interact with your audience directly. You can leverage niche discussion groups for so many reasons, starting from learning how your customers think and ending with teaching them how to think, so they trust you enough to buy. 

The philosophy is pretty simple: you do the very act of forum marketing – engaging in discussions, commenting only if you can provide real value, and linking to your website or offering the possibility of connection non-intrusively. Non-intrusive marketing is very important and should be taken into careful consideration in the context of LinkedIn campaigns.

Focus on Relationship Building, Not on Connection Making

The last advice sounds like this: don’t waste your time on transactions because that is short-term thinking. Focus on branding and you’ll win long term. 

LinkedIn marketing is all about forging strong professional relationships with other clients or businesses. If you treat networking poorly, you’re basically in the wrong arena because LinkedIn mostly hosts gladiators. Of course, there are a lot of weak gladiators, but that doesn’t mean you should be one of those.

By being strong it means to act wisely while considering the long-term effects of your strategies, decisions, and actions. Therefore, when you allocate $100 and one day of work on developing a new post, stop and consider – “does it help me develop relationships? Or is it just for the sake of improving sales (immediately)?”


LinkedIn marketing, just like any form of digital marketing has its ups and downs, its benefits and disadvantages, and its own unique twists. You’re not going to learn from experience, you’re going to learn by interpreting it. Therefore, you should apply each of these strategies and see what you get. Test, measure, and analyze your decisions and find new ways to improve the status quo.

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