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Gutenberg WordPress Editor: The Latest Editor Tool to Build Your Online Store with Zero Coding

Building and managing an online store requires a lot of meticulous considerations and expertise. These days as an increasing number of businesses across the spectrum irrespective of their size and market potential are opting for ecommerce, building an online store with the least difficulty and time is a serious consideration. If you opt for WordPress and WooCommerce as your preferred CMS for building your first ecommerce store, there is some good news for you. Gutenberg as a stand-alone WordPress editor has just arrived which can help you build your store without any coding experience. 

If you don’t have any coding background and can’t afford to hire expert developers to build your online store, WordPress offers Gutenberg Editor. While allowing you to build an online store with the least effort and time consumption, this editor will ensure optimum performance and customisation options. 

What is Gutenberg editor?

Gutenberg Editor is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to develop a fully-featured and highly customised online store or business website with zero coding and minimal effort. This plugin comes as a great improvement and value addition for WordPress users and will allow building a fully-fledged website. WordPress stands as the world’s most popular CMS solution that powers more than one-fourth of all websites and this value addition further establishes the domination and leading role of WordPress as a CMS platform. 

Named after the celebrated personality, Johannes Gutenberg, who was the first printing press owner, this new tool is a breakthrough that allows WordPress users to build websites and online stores without any coding knowledge. Just as the printing press founder, Johannes Gutenberg, made a lasting impact on the renaissance and scientific discoveries in Europe, the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor will have a similar impact on WordPress development. 

Development With Zero or Minimal Coding Experience

The biggest draw for this great editing tool is how it allows building websites without any coding knowledge. We all are aware of the tremendous power and potential of the WordPress CMS platform for helping non-professionals in building a custom website of their choice. Gutenberg Editor, as a complete editorial suite, goes even further and allows for a broader range of customisations while making it even easier to build a site without any coding effort. The tool simply allows you to upload content through object blocks and shape the website. 

When you use this editor, you can exercise total control of your website and are able to update it with ease just by uploading content through object blocks. Instead of writing HTML and CSS code lines, you can upload content straight through content blocks. Anyone can build a website quickly thanks to this editor tool. 

But, if you do need to insert HTML or CSS code lines for specific customisation purposes, the tool also covers that aspect. It allows you to upload or write code lines through the “Live HTML Block” and the results of the code are instantly visible with just a single click. Moreover, all the blocks that are provided by this tool are perfect for beginners and people without a technical background. WordPress has a vast array of themes and with this tool each theme can be further customised. 

Gutenberg Can be a Great Tool for WooCommerce Stores 

WooCommerce is already well known as the standalone ecommerce solution for WordPress that can be accessed and availed as a separate plugin. Now, if you use WooCommerce, Gutenberg can add more value to your eCommerce store development experience by allowing greater ease and flexibility. 

Let’s have a look at the principal considerations for utilising Gutenberg editor for your WooCommerce store. 

Compatible Themes 

Gutenberg is built by WordPress experts and so using this editor suite for WooCommerce, there is very little chance of a conflict. WooCommerce themes are already compatible with Gutenberg. For most of the available themes, including all those free and premium ones, Gutenberg Editor will work right out of the box. 

Let’s look at some of the customisations that Gutenberg makes possible:

  • Customised blocks for layout
  • Gutenberg-specific hooks
  • Customised editor
  • Block templates
  • Colour scheme
  • Layout width aligning 

There are still many themes that lack full Gutenberg compatibility, but most of them are fast catching up. Even if a theme is not totally compatible, there is support and help to guide you through the process. 

Trying the WooCommerce Product Blocks

As is the case with most WordPress plugins, developers tend to test them before using them. In this respect, testing Gutenberg and WooCommerce product blocks should be no different. 

When WooCommerce product blocks don’t fit perfectly into a theme, with chosen plugins, or with the Gutenberg editor suite itself, an ecommerce Store can experience serious downtime that can lead to loss of sales. This is why it is important to do the following before going live. 

  • Test the custom fields to ensure they work with compatible plugins.
  • Test the page builders to ensure that they work fine and that Gutenberg doesn’t just lead you to more editing screens. 
  • Test all those plugins that are likely to cause conflict with your Gutenberg editor and display of content. 
  • Test all the shortcodes to ensure they work and provide the intended output.

Make Sure the Speed and Performance Stays Optimum

Lastly, with growth and ecommerce store tends to become slower in loading speed and performance as traffic volume and increased merchandise put more strain on technical and backend resources. This can lead to bad user experience for eCommerce traffic and shoppers. This is why every time you make any significant addition in the form of content, plugins, or the editor suite itself, you need to monitor site performance and loading speed. 


Gutenberg Editor has arrived as a great value addition for WordPress websites and WooCommerce online stores. Anyone wanting to build an online store with minimal or no technical expertise will find this editor suite tremendously helpful.

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