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Is Direct Mail the Best Kept Marketing Secret?

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If we compare the marketing tactics of the modern world with the past few years, it has changed quite drastically. Today, video content is typically considered the most engaging tool for promoting one’s business along with social media sites.

However, email marketing is still very much relevant even today. People who don’t indulge in email marketing probably aren’t aware of the following benefits:

1. Everyone Still Checks Their Mailbox

Email is one of the oldest online marketing mediums. Yet, it has not gone out of fashion in the era of innovation. In fact, a large number of people still check their mailbox on a regular basis.  

People connect to each other through email for a variety of reasons. They send assignments, office work, updates and much more through the channel of email.

Nobody can deny the importance of social media, but when people have to communicate on a professional level, they opt for email instead of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other such platform. About 86 percent of business professionals use emails for business purposes. Due to its professional touch, emails are considered extremely efficient to add credibility in your business. 

This is the number one reason you should use email marketing to grow your business.

2. Customers Easily Memorise Emails

The sign of a successful marketing campaign is that you remember it for a long time. That’s exactly the kind of content email provides to consumers. Frankly, we all remember a few such marketing emails.

We remember emails because they catch our attention. According to stats, 77 percent of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising. When millennials are attracted to mail marketing, you know it is working quite well.   

3. Email Marketing Is Cheaper

Perhaps the best thing about email marketing is its affordability. Marketers get high Return On Investment (ROI) through emails. The ROI is higher for mainly two reasons:

  1. Not only big business tycoons can afford email marketing, but businesses with small resources can also opt for this marketing tool.
  2. Emails can reach a large audience.

One more factor in favor of email marketing is that it has lower upfront costs. Contrary to popular belief, email is even cheaper than social media advertising.

4. Quality Of Customer Service Goes Up

We are living in the time of chatbots, but chatbots can never replace a self-written note.

  • Email gives you the opportunity to be more personal with your customers. Even saying a simple “thank you” can mean a lot to your customers. Consumers feel more involved that way. By being personal, you can turn a routine customer contact into an opportunity.
  • You can even link attachments to maintain the high standard of customer service.
  • People appreciate followup emails. This ensures the importance of customers in the eyes of your company. It sends them a message that you aren’t simply milking money out of them, but that you also value them.

5. You Can Target the Desired Audience

What is the point in sending emails to those who are least interested in your brand? It can completely make your marketing be in vain. Thanks to AI this risk has been minimized. Using AI, we can send emails to those who are more likely to relate and engage with them.

If you know your audience – male, female, aged, kids – it’s more comfortable for you to target that particular base of people.

Not only that, but you can also filter your audience based on geographical location, interests or other data. Smart marketers can even get an idea of what their targeted audience can afford. So they mention prices accordingly.

Targeting the right audience can boost your conversion rate in the following way:

  • People receive the content they are looking for. 
  • You can write and send messages to customers keeping their needs and interests in mind. Naturally, it opens the door for more engagements.

6. You Can Tailor Your Message

Email gives you the freedom to be creative and unique. You can appeal to the audience by writing emails in the way you want. There is even room to use graphics and videos if you wish to add them. However, it is very important that your mail is properly written. You can use the following tools to make your emails more attractive and error-free.

  • Grammarly: Detects grammar-related mistakes in text.  
  • Writing Ocean: Provides a virtual library with a list of categorized useful links. Hemingway: Provides smoothness to your text resulting in the improvement of the readability score.
  • Australian Master: Provides a professional look for your content through the use of charts, graphs, and slides.
  • MHRWriter: Helps you properly divide your text into a proper structure; introduction, body, and conclusion. One ideal characteristic of this tool is that it adds words into the text according to subject.
  • Word Count Jet: Shortens long sentences to improve readability. 

7. Automating Mails Through AI

As we know, Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized marketing trends. Similarly, AI has brought changes to email marketing as well. Automating email marketing campaigns not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also proves to be very productive for business.

Automating emails increases the chances of conversion. The reason is simple. You are sending emails to your customers at a specific time when they are most likely to be read. According to stats, businessmen can increase their revenue by 320 percent through automated emails.

Apart from that, you can also automate emails on occasions like customer birthdays, making them feel  special and connected to you on a personal level.

8. You Can Boost Website Traffic

Don’t forget to include links to your website in your emails. It can significantly boost website traffic. The email must include a compelling CTA which compels the reader to visit your site. Once you manage to bring a potential customer to your website, you probably have him.

9. Email Marketing Is Easy To Measure Results

In order to make your future marketing campaign successful, you need to track your past campaigns to avoid past mistakes. 

Email marketing enables you to analyze results. It provides data like how many people have read or clicked the email. Based on this information, you can adjust your strategy to maximize the effect of your promotion.

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