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Social Media Strategy: 7 Ways to Engage Your Customers

Many businesses turn to social media platforms because a lot of their customers spend their time scrolling the feed and talking with their friends. 

However, there is one catch if you decide to use social media platforms to engage your customers. 

Chances are that they are already engaged with something, and you will need to deliver something very interesting to grab their attention. 

For this, you will need to devise a new social media strategy. If you don’t have experience in engaging people on social media, we are here to help you out. 

Let’s see how to use online quiz software, quality content, and a lot of other things to engage your customers through a social media strategy.

Find Out What Your Customers Love

There are tons of posts on each of the popular social media platforms. What is important here is to note that not all of them drive the same amount of engagement. 

Some posts sink down into oblivion, while others become trending to reach many people. The question to ask yourself is: “What does my audience love?”

Fortunately, you don’t have to look at the stars to find the answer. There is an analytic tool for each social media platform you can use. 

For instance, if you are using Facebook, you can leverage Facebook Insights to not only find trending posts but also discover which particular one your customers are interested in. 

You can also discover the most engaging content types for a specific period of time. 

Deliver Exceptional Content

People are not interested in generic content. They don’t have the time to read boring columns of text nor watch dull videos. 

If you want to engage your customers, you have to deliver exceptional content. The better the content resonates with them, the more engagement you will achieve. How can you do this?

Your customers have hundreds of pain points, and your posts don’t have to revolve around your products and business exclusively. 

You should research your customers and engage in social media listening to discover specific pain points. 

Create content around these, and help your customers resolve them. Only introduce your products or services in the context of improving the quality of life of your customers.

Share Interesting Facts

Do you know that there are countless social media profiles with a huge follower base that only share interesting facts?

The fact is that people enjoy short posts that wow them. It takes only a couple of seconds to read them and they are fun and engaging. You shouldn’t start sharing every interesting fact that you stumble upon.

The trick is to keep it relevant to your customers and to your industry. Point out interesting trends in the industry, shopping practices, customer service, and support. 

Make sure to share your own insights into these and your customers will repay the favor by following, liking, and commenting. 

Incorporate “How-to” Posts in Your Schedule

One of the KPIs businesses tend to track to assess the engagement potential of their posts is social media share. It is generally a good sign if your posts generate a lot of shares. 

The trick is to identify which posts generate most shares. If we are going to trust the research, there is one study showing that “how-to” posts drive most of the social shares. 

In fact, they have 18% more chance to get shared.

This is why you should start writing high-quality how-to posts. Customers love hands-on advice coming from their brands. You can leverage this to strengthen the relationship and build more trust. 

The most common choices are step-by-step guides and tutorials.

Share Interesting Quizzes with Online Quiz Software

Staying on top of the comments on your social media profiles can be a tricky thing to do. There is a lot of management to be done. 

You can streamline a portion of it by sharing content that sends feedback to each one of your followers. Those are, of course, quizzes. Online quiz software is a convenient solution to help you with it. 

You can use it to create an interesting personality or knowledge quizzes to engage your audience. Make sure to introduce quizzes with compelling headlines to drive more engagement. 

Online exam creator can also help you gather valuable data from your followers and learn what they want, what engages them the most, and what they would like to see on your social media page.

Post FAQ Type Posts Once Every Week

Many people use social media to get informed. This is exactly why managers of political campaigns across the world invest heavily in social media marketing. 

You can stay on top of your social media engagement game by dispersing information your customers want to find.

Whether you want to leverage social media listening or look for inspiration in their comments and posts, you will be able to identify more than enough questions troubling the minds of your customers. 

Do this on a weekly basis and write elaborate FAQ posts to engage them and attract more followers. 

Inspire your Customers with Positive Stories

You are probably aware of how much negativity is present in our everyday lives. Bad news is flooding the internet.

You can become a beacon of light in these times and offer something different to your customers – positive success stories. 

If you post encouraging and inspiring stories with customers as your main focus, be sure that they will recognize it. 

For inspiration, look at your customers, employees, or business victories. Feature one of these stories every once in a while to remind your customers about the bright side of life. 

Who knows, maybe you will even manage to cheer someone up and make their day better.

To engage your customers on social media, you will have to discover what type of content and information they love. 

Additionally, you can leverage online quiz software, “how-to”, and FAQ posts to drive more engagement and inspire your audience by sharing inspirational stories.

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