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5 Effective Marketing Strategies for SMBs in 2019

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How effective is your marketing strategy? We bet it could use a few improvements.

In the 21st century, SMB’s marketing teams have grown substantially. Trying to outrun the competition while luring in the best customers has turned into a race of life and death.

If you don’t stay on top of your game, the competition will eat you up. Even if you are on top today, you can lose your grip tomorrow.

The only way to survive is to keep up with digital marketing trends.

In 2019, new effective marketing strategies for SMBs have appeared. Meanwhile, the old ones need a little tweaking. We’ve collected a few interesting trends for you to consider and take advantage of.

1. Building Authentic and Engaging Content around Your Brand’s Voice

Branding is an integral part of business development. It can’t be done without the right approach to content creation and marketing.

If you don’t put a logo on your content, can an audience identify it as yours? If not, you need to take a better approach to creating authentic branded content.

Having different writers expressing different opinions for your content creation is a good idea to up the content volume. However, it can lead to losing your brand’s voice.

Do you know how to put the brand’s voice into action? You need to create authentic and engaging content.

In 2019, the quantity of content matters as much as its quality. While you are structuring the brand’s voice, make sure you up the volume.

An average word count of Google’s first page result is about 1890 words. How long are your blog posts, articles, and descriptions?

2. Understanding How Customers Get Engaged in Your Content

You’ve probably worked hard to study how content marketing can improve your SEO efforts. But how do your customers get engaged in your content? Understanding their wishes and desires is the key to producing high-quality content in 2019. 

The client is no longer just a source of money. He or she is a human being, whose wishes, interests, and desires you must learn and respect.

Focus on emotional connections with your clients. While it may take more time than simply placing ads on the right websites, it can bring substantial results.

Engaging with clients on social media and blogs while asking for their feedback can give you priceless information for analysis.

Position yourself as a human being, not an enterprise. Place photos of team members on the website, send personalized emails, include an author bio in your blogs, etc.

Once you establish the connection, you can get a better understanding of which information customers are searching for on your website.

One of the easiest ways to see how customers are engaged in the content is building a community on a forum.

3. Focus Efforts on Only a Few Channels with Targeted Approach

Unless you have a formidable marketing team ready to deal with numerous channels, you have to pick your battles. Spreading yourself thin over all possible channels can hinder your overall marketing strategy.

Find out which places your potential clients are likely to frequent the most and stick to them. In order to understand where to find them, you have to have a clear understanding of the demographics. Who, what, where, and why. 

For small businesses, the best place to start is Facebook. The majority of the target audience is likely to be there. The next place to consider is Twitter. Growing a following there can increase conversions substantially.

While it makes sense to experiment with channels, the best approach is …well… spying. Find out what your competitors are doing and which channels they are using. Whatever works for them is likely to work for you.

Once you’ve achieved the initial conversion goals, you can go on to new experiments.

4. Be Creative and Consistent With Your Ideas

Content marketing is all about originality and high quality. If you are running out of ideas too fast, you’ve got the wrong marketing team. Do whatever it takes to make sure your ideas are fresh.

One of the smartest ways to keep the freshness is to follow the latest news. You don’t have to be a reporter to become a news source for your community. All you have to do is be one of the first people to read the news and put them in a new wrapper. Add your opinion to the news story and you get a fresh article.

Always be consistent with your ideas. If you have one opinion today and change it tomorrow, your following is likely to wane shortly. People read your content because they enjoy your approach. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

5. Experiment with Videos and Voice Search

Voice search is the new trend, which is becoming an integral part of the virtual universe. People are always looking for ways to simplify their lives. Voice search does just that. If you want to stay on top of your game in 2019, you must master voice search SEO techniques.

Meanwhile, pay special attention to videos. Did you know that 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name videos as the type of content with the best ROI?

People are expecting to see video content on your website. Don’t disappoint them. The popularity of videos is growing at the speed of light. Make sure you’ve got a few high-quality promotional videos to show.

Final Thoughts

The marketing strategies you were employing in 2018 need some adjustment. Focusing on content marketing and SEO innovations can help you get ahead of the competition. The above strategies can help small and medium businesses on their way to fast growth and development.

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