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10 Great Ukrainian IT Companies You Should Outsource Your Next Remarkable Project To

It is not enough to come with a great software product idea. It is much more important to find someone to bring this idea to life, to work with you side by side, to watch your solution automates certain processes and simplifies many lives.

However, the choice of the right business partner may be time-consuming and complicated. In-house development is too expensive, thus, working with an IT team in your location isn’t the best decision. More and more companies opt for outsourcing; here, the ocean of options appears.

If you are familiar with outsourcing tendencies, you may already have a destination to focus on, and you know the potential Ukrainian companies have demonstrated recently. If you haven’t had an experience with IT outsourcing, we will shed light on this question and provide you with valuable information about reliable app development partners.

We at Clockwise Software – mobile app development company have developed this overview and rating of the best app development companies in Ukraine. So make yourself comfortable and increase your awareness about development services outsourcing to Ukraine.

Ukraine on international IT stage

Ukraine IT market amazes with its viability and an enormous number of opportunities for business development. We have analyzed the overall situation in the market, reports provided on DOU Ukrainian IT channel and AIN – website dedicated to Ukrainian technology news, and this is what we have:

  • There are about 185,000 IT specialists working in the Ukrainian IT industry, and 46% dedicate their skills to outsourced products;
  • A third part of the IT engineers have been working in the industry for more than 5 years;
  • Annually, there are around 23,000 of students graduating from IT faculties and departments;
  • There are more than 300 IT companies in the country, and the largest of them generate more than $2 billion in revenue;
  • Ukrainian developers occupy 11th position in best software developers rating.

These are the reasons why so many US and European companies have turned their heads towards cooperation with Ukrainian specialists.

Still, a huge number of software development services providers makes it hard to find an excellent partner. Thus, we have built the following list of the best app development companies in Ukraine.

Top 10 app development companies in Ukraine

These are 10 heroes representing the Ukrainian IT industry:

1. Intellectsoft

Rating: 4.8

With a headquarter in the USA and multiple locations worldwide, Intellectsoft deserves your attention. Company’s specialists dedicate 80% of their time and efforts to custom mobile app development. Most of the customers are enterprises or mid-size corporationі.

What about a portfolio? The company has built products for such world-known names as Harley Davidson and Jaguar, so we bet you’ll like their works.

2. Uptech

Rating: 5

The company has proficiency in both web and mobile development. Besides, UI/UX design belongs to the top services Uptech provideі. The team works with startups, small companies and medium-sized businesses.

Looking for some great apps delivered by the company, pay special attention to the ones built for DroneBase, Freebird Rides and Audiojoy. 

3. Clockwise Software

Rating: 5

Based in Dnipro, one of the biggest Ukrainian cities, Clockwise Software offers several types of services including system analysis, software development and support. The company delivers apps for joyful travelling and effective supply chain management, powerful eCommerce solutions, support and marketing platforms with great functionality etc.

The team of professionals has built fruitful cooperation with small businesses mainly. Johnson & Johnson is one of the most famous and the largest corporation working with the company.


Rating: 5

Mobile apps are the company’s key focus. Working with small businesses primarily, the company has delivered over 50 projects during the last 8 years. Company’s specialists implement blockchain techniques to mobile apps they build; hence, an opportunity appears to build a cutting-edge solution.

Take a look at Ekipazh and Ta-Da apps to evaluate the company’s expertise. 


Rating: 4.9

The team successfully implements a variety of ideas in the following fields: finance, healthcare, eCommerce, logistics etc. More than 100 software engineers dedicate their time and skills to the development of both large projects for enterprises and small but useful solutions for startups.

Coca-cola has outsourced its development services to IDAP, so why shouldn’t you?

6. Apiko

Rating: 4.8

The company works on both web and mobile products and uses JavaScript as its key tool. Thus, Apiko demonstrates great cross-platform hybrid solutions in its portfolio. Working with small and mid-size companies only, they focus on maximum customer’s satisfaction.

The best of Apiko’s products serve team management purposes. Just have a glance at Hive and Pilo apps.

7. Rozdoum

Rating: 4.9

The company strives to provide excellent solutions for extending Jira and Confluence functionality. You can find specific administrative and implementation services among the ones provided by Rozdoum team. Proven expertise has led the company to the list of Atlassian Gold Solution Partners. Along with that, the team is proficient in Java and mobile technologies.

To increase your awareness about the quality Rozdoum delivers, get acquainted with Cards Coloring app or WatchTower for Jira.

8. Sigma Software

Rating: 4.5

This is one of the biggest outsourcing companies in Ukraine. More than 1,000 professionals working in several locations in Ukraine, Poland, Sweden, USA and Australia make a great contribution to the world’s IT industry development. Top 3 Sigma’s competencies are eCommerce, Big Data and business process automation.

Volvo and Scandinavian Airlines are some of the biggest company’s clients.


First of all, the development group will be helpful if you need a high-quality MVP for your app idea evaluation. Company’s specialists will help you to attract the investments and raise capital for your successful accelerated start. They know where to find funds and grants for your business development.

FLY Concierge and WayMe are the best examples of’s works.

10. Consultica

Rating: 5.0

Working from several locations, Consultica engineers develop brilliant iOS and Android solutions for financial and healthcare industry. BI and Big Data technologies are an integral part of the company’s work.

Consultica is proud of their mobile app for paramedics; you should take a look at it.

In conclusion

Now when you are fully aware of the best app development companies in Ukraine, it is time to make a choice. These companies not only are able to provide you with world-class quality solutions but also can save your money significantly.

The time to start is now. Waste no more time and don’t let your competitors outrun you and launch a similar app.

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