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Top Mobile Marketing Strategies for Your Online Store

As you’re reading this, you are probably looking at your computer screen or scrolling through your phone. This happens daily, more than we would like to admit. You look through new content daily, and constantly refresh the page. Tap, tap, tap.

Suddenly, between one of those taps you notice something that you love and … surprise – a pop-up appears that refuses to close. When you finally get it to disappear, you continue to scroll to read more details about the product. Suddenly, you realize that the buttons on the screen are too small. When you tap on the button, it doesn’t select anything.

So what does the user do? Leave the page.

Result for the company? A lost customer. 

In this article we will explore what exactly mobile marketing is, why it is so important for e-commerce and what to do to avoid losing customers. 

What is mobile marketing?

The concept of mobile marketing is basically an online marketing technique that is carried out through mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Mobile marketing includes the activities related to the design, implementation and execution of marketing actions on websites accessible to these devices.

Design, implementation and execution are three indispensable words to adapt and carry out on our mobile marketing strategies in online business.

The importance of mobile marketing

Users increasingly prefer the mobile phone to any other device to search for information, access social networks, download content or make purchases.

According to the latest study conducted by We Are Social, more than 67% of the total population access the Internet from mobile devices; figures that increase considerably year after year with the convenience of the Internet. This significantly exceeds the number of users using internet through the computer.

Companies have had to change and update their online strategy, adapting to these times of change. Mobile marketing is no longer an option for business, it is a priority.

The advantages of mobile marketing

Although we already know that mobile marketing is not an option, but a necessity, let’s view the advantages:

  • Accessibility and immediacy: People carry cell phones at all times, checking them continuously. We have them at any given time and have quick access to them, anywhere we go.
  • Simple design: Designing and generating content is much easier through mobile. If we want to read something from a mobile perspective, we prefer short and clear texts. If we think of web aesthetics, we prefer a more novel but simple design. Everything is simpler through mobile.
  • Greater audience: The mobile view option has a much greater reach than any other option. In addition, the mobile view option reaches all types of people, and can fit into every market.
  • Continuous growth: We are talking about a relatively new phenomenon that has grown tremendously. That being said, mobile marketing still has great potential for growth.
  • Payments: There are increasingly easier payment options online dedicated to mobile devices. This is a considerable advantage for e-commerce. 

Mobile Marketing Strategies to Avoid Losing Any Client

Each website and e-commerce site has different characteristics, but all of them use mobile marketing strategies. These are some of the strategies that must be taken into account to ensure you don’t lose any clients accessing your mobile site: 

Design must be curated to mobile devices

For a user to search your site easily and not find obstacles that interrupt their navigation, you should avoid large sized images, menus or fonts.

Also, please avoid pop-ups at all costs. These, in addition to worsening your SEO, are very annoying for small screens. 

Font color and background colors should be contrasting. Remember that mobile screens are much smaller, so too much reading can strain your eyes. Try white (or very light) backgrounds and dark colored fonts.

The size of images and videos, as well as the font, should be adjusted to fit the screen in a clear way. Nothing should be overflowing the borders on the right or left of the screen. Use short and clear paragraphs.

Normally, platforms such as WordPress or Prestashop for e-commerce offer the option to create a mobile version of your site. They allow you to view your site from different screen sizes so you can better optimize the website for mobile devices.

Different URL for mobile

Some online companies choose to create different domains for mobile. In this way, they can fully optimize their page specifically for mobile devices.

This strategy consists of creating two versions for each page, one for desktop and another for mobile. They do this by placing a letter in a subdomain ( or in subdirectories (

That way, the content and the layout of the pages will each be adapted to each device. The mobile user experience will have now been fully optimized for each device. SEO optimization, as well as analytics through Google Analytics, will also be improved.

Direct contact with the company

Through mobile, it is significantly easier to communicate directly with a company to solve any problem or answer any questions. Customers appreciate how easy it is to ask a simple question, either through an online chat or a phone call.

Some companies go for chatbot or a direct chat. Both allow users to type their question to have it answered in seconds, either through an automatic responses bot or through an actual, human customer service agent.

Click-to-call buttons on a website are another option. Through the click of a button, you can receive a call from the company, or speak to them directly from the website using Click-to-Speak. Who doesn’t want to have this option? With this simple button, you are connected to the company’s customer service call center immediately, allowing you to hear solutions to your unanswered questions instantly from your phone. 

Check your analytics

Finally, remember to analyze your mobile traffic through Google Analytics or other platforms. It is worth analyzing your data through an analytics program in order to improve the mobile marketing strategies that are carried out through e-commerce. You can check your website’s traffic volume, what devices are viewing the site, and so much more.

Have your websites easily accessible through mobile to dominate the market. By using these mobile marketing strategies, you will improve your e-commerce significantly.

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