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Top 10 Results-Driven Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

To survive, businesses need to constantly come up with fresh revenue streams.

By focusing on your existing customers and improving customer retention, you can generate a lot of money. However, this is only a small piece of the pie.

Those companies that focus on lead generation do not just survive, but they thrive!

Let’s be honest. This is why lead generation continues to be one of the biggest challenges that even the best of digital marketers’ struggle to tackle.

But you don’t have to face such challenges. Below are 10 of the most actionable and results-driven marketing tips that can help you generate leads.

Email marketing

It might sound old school, but email marketing continues to be one of the most popular marketing methods used by online marketers.

Emails provide a perfect platform for personal communication with the audience, which is often lost in other methods of marketing.

When customers visit blogs or other landing pages, they are still prompted to subscribe to newsletters. But monthly newsletters are not a guarantee of lead generation or cultivation. You can accomplish a lot more through email marketing.

You can make use of emails as a medium to send useful information to your target audience like training courses, questionnaire forms, information about upcoming events, discounts, deals and so on. You can learn more about your customers by making use of a good online survey maker. By using this tool, you can get the most of your email marketing campaign.

Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Videos are a fantastic form of engagement. In fact, on average, a user spends about 40 minutes on a YouTube session.

This massive rate of user retention is the reason why LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have started pushing videos to the top of the feed of a user.

Podcasts are also on a similar level when it is about drawing users. Today, more and more users are tuning in their favorite podcasts.

You can create a broadcast channel that gives people information or teaches people ways to solve their daily life problems. You can access more than 4 different channels in addition to your website. The more channels you spread out to, the greater your chances of generating leads and conversion.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

In recent years, Facebook Messenger marketing has emerged as a serious competitor to email marketing.

This is because email marketing is limited in certain ways. For instance, it cannot collect user information before initiating a conversation. Such is not the case with Facebook messenger marketing.

Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion active users and Facebook already has all the information about these users. If you have Facebook chatbot or even your personal account, all of the user information can be easily accessed by you. With so much information already available, customers will simply have to click a button to sign up.

You can leverage this to your advantage by connecting with your customers, via Facebook messenger.

Refine Your Instagram Strategy

A billion people use Instagram across the globe today. This is a platform that essentially caters to a younger demographic. Therefore, if you have already started using Instagram as part of your lead generation tactics, then you are ahead of your competition.

To get the desired results, ensure that you have put your face in the right place that is complemented with a great bio. Share clickable links that lead to a landing page or website where you can capture your lead information. 

Don’t forget to track what’s working or what’s not playing out well for you on Instagram. That way, you can refine your strategies better to get more productive outcomes. 

Make Use of Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups on websites are special deals that you can offer to customers when they are leaving your website. These pop ups can either annoy customers or save the transaction.

But these pop ups are a saving grace in situations that are dire. Use them as a last resort. Do not make them your primary source of generating leads.

Connect with Thought Leaders

Thought leadership is a wonderful platform where you can direct conversations to your desired direction. You can connect with industry leaders in your niche and seek their insight on various issues faced by your industry.

This will showcase to your customers that you genuinely care about them and are taking proactive steps in solving the problems that they face.

Here too, you can make use of good online survey software to discover the issues that your customers are facing on a daily basis. Combining the survey results and the insight from thought leaders, you can come up with the best solution.

Lead Magnets

While trying to read a whitepaper, have you come across a subscription form? If yes, you have come across a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are incentives that are offered to customers by marketers in exchange for their email address or contact information. Of course, it does not apply to just whitepapers. You could be looking for a survey template in a survey maker and the website might ask you to fill in your details or sign up first.

Use Quizzes

Quizzes are a hot trend in lead generation. They are one of the best ways to collect intent data from potential leads and customers.

Quizzes help to get information in an interactive and fun way. They are not mainstream, and hence, it is best to quickly make use of them before everyone else starts doing the same.

Make Use of Data-Driven Marketing and Heat Maps

Visitors rarely scroll down to the bottom of a website page. This is not necessarily a sign that there is something wrong with the website design. But, since all the information is available easily and visitors have a short span of attention, they don’t generally scroll down to find the call to action.

You can make use of screen monitoring tools to create heat maps that will help you study where exactly your customers are losing interest in your page. You can place the call to action accordingly.

It is considered ideal to add web forms and CTA around a page’s halfway mark to collect leads. You can also keep testimonials of your customers towards the bottom of the page to make sure that the vital information is viewed first by your customers.

Host Webinars or Seminars

Hosting webinars and seminars are one of the most popular ways to increase leads and conversions. It can be about a product-related event, industry-based issues and so on. Webinars and seminars provide an excellent platform where you can interact with your customers and generate leads.

Use Advanced Search Queries of Twitter

Twitter has emerged as a top source of generating leads, but there are too many businesses who are overlooking this platform.

By using Twitter, you can gain a competitive edge. Making use of this platform is simple and there are only two steps:

  • Find people who are genuinely interested in your brand
  • Engage and interact with those people

So, implement these actionable marketing strategies and enhance your lead generation drive.

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