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7 Timeless Branding Strategies that Every Business Can Profit From

We can all agree that branding strategies and marketing, in general, has changed since the Don Draper days, but that doesn’t mean we should toss every strategy that was effective back then. In fact, some strategies are just as effective in 2019 as they were back in the day.

Here are 7 old timeless branding strategies that every business can profit from. 

1. Business Cards

Rather than hope that someone you just met will remember your email address and phone number (or to call you for that matter), business cards are your tangible reinforcements. A sharp-looking business card could be what earns you that callback, which is normally the goal of giving them out. Spend the time to It’s vital that your cards properly represent you and your brand and add that extra bit of credibility. 

2. Snail Mail

This form of communication is definitely not dead. In fact, because it is less popular, your personal hand-written letter could be the way you effectively get in contact with someone that might normally be hard to reach. For example, if you know a business owner is a little more old school, sending them snail mail that you know they’re going to read is a pro move. 

3. Public speaking

Being a forward thinker on a specific topic is a great way to network and gain credibility with a fresh crowd of people. The goal here is to put effort into the content you present and make sure you leave a lasting impression while educating. Anyone that finds you impressive can ultimately become a customer is the way you want to think about publicly speaking. Even if you don’t immediately walk away from the speaking event with a lead, your company name will be attached to the memorable seminar on digital marketing practices, or whatever the given topic may be. This way, the next time expertise is needed in that arena, your name and company will ideally pop into their mind. 

4. Testimonials

Testimonials might always stand the test of time. Every business in existence is going to give their customers reasons that they are the best. They will brag about their credibility, their customer service, why they are the best man for the job, etc. Hearing from their actual customers is a whole other ball game. Testimonials are a candid, inside look at how a company really operates and handles their clientele. In fact, many people won’t make buying decisions before reading testimonials. 

5. Sponsoring a community event

Another great way to gain credibility and get your name out in the open for others to see is to sponsor a community or charity event. Not only is it great PR for your company, it shows that you care about your community and giving back. 

6. Outbound Calls

Or, a less intimidating way to say “cold calls”. These aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so the key here is to employ someone that could find motivation in the chase that comes with this kind of sale. The next step is to set them up for success. They’ll need a list of potential leads, a script of some sort, and an overall strategy. They’re going to get a lot of no’s, what is their rebuttal attempt? Their follow up and follow through? This can be a very successful route if properly executed. 

7. Trade Shows

Participating in a local trade show is definitely common sense, especially if you are open to penetrating your immediate area. Getting to a national trade show is highly valuable if you want to reach a larger audience that you might not have access to near you. Even though we live in a largely digital world, people are still attending these events knowing the importance of face to face networking and brand recognition. Similarly to public speaking, this strategy should be thoroughly planned. The goal is to be remembered at this event, not to simply be a participant promoting your services. Creativity will pay off here!

What are some other timeless branding strategies that are still relevant today, in 2019? Leave us a comment below!

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