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10 Best Mobile Development Blogs

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Mobile phone usage has reached its peak and all thanks to different apps that have simplified our daily lives. This has made mobile app development competitive and companies are striving to cut through the stiff competition. Two years ago there were 6.6 million combined mobile apps across all the mobile app stores. There are also millions of app developers across the globe. There is more to mobile app development than building mobile apps. Besides developing apps you also need to:

  • Learn new technologies every day
  • Explore new programming languages and tools
  • Research and experiment with various functionalities and features
  • Get conversant and updated with new trends in the industry

To achieve all this, you need various technology sources and materials to stay updated with new app development trends. In this article, we are going to tackle 10 mobile development blogs that you can use in your mobile app development. These resources include blogs, news magazines, and expert articles on mobile app development. You will get updates, news, how-tos, know-hows, and expert advice.

1. DZone Mobile Zone

The best mobile app development blog of them all to give you great mobile app resources is DZone. There is plenty of important content that developers can use to kick-start their careers or grow it. Some of the information to explore includes:

  • Cloud integrations
  • Database connectivity
  • Microservices
  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • IoT
  • AI

There are also mobile app development tutorials, news, tips, tricks, tools, etc. You will learn about how to develop mobile apps, what is needed to integrate, which frameworks are the best, libraries and so much more.

2. MobileAppDaily

This is a magazine kind of website that covers everything that touches on mobile development and the mobile phone industry at large. You can learn a lot from the app reviews news. Although most of its content is sponsored posts, several articles touch on app development and marketing efforts.

3. App Developer Magazine

If you are a developer looking for the latest mobile app development techniques, this is the best magazine for you. It’s a big shot magazine to help those who want to discover new ways to make their apps more edgy and efficient. You will be spoilt with the latest technologies and programming languages to create wonderful apps. Information includes:

  • App planning and development
  • Mobile app networking and marketing
  • The technology involved in mobile app development

As a developer, you will need to subscribe to this website to get the latest and juiciest info in mobile app development straightaway from the leading app development companies.

4. TechTarget Mobile Computing

TechTarget Mobile Computing is a website that deals with news, tips, and tricks in:

  • Mobile App modernization
  • Mobile App monetization
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Enterprise mobile app development
  • Mobile networking

There is plenty of information to support each of the aspects mentioned above to help developers understand everything about enterprise markets. To get the best from this blog you will need to subscribe to it. 

5. TechCrunch

If you are looking for a website that provides information about any kind of technology, then TechCrunch is here for you. This is a popular website with the all latest tech updates, including the mobile app development industry. All you have to do to benefit from this technology service is to click the tab labelled, “Apps” in the left corner of the website. The website has relevant topics touching on mobile app development technology, platforms, methods, marketing, and monetization. You can also access information about trending apps, making money, updating, raising funds, and much more in the mobile app industry.

6. Android Developers

If you are an android fan and you just love working with this platform when developing apps, then you will find this blog pretty handy. It has all the information you need to know about the Android operating system. This is the best blog for those interested in Android. You will find answers to queries about Android app development, configuration, and installation, among many other things.

7. Google’s Android Developers Blog

When you want to update yourself with the latest Android news, upcoming features and documentation, your best option is Google’s Android Development Blog. They also offer tips, for Android app development and the best frameworks and languages you can use to develop your apps. In subscribing to this blog you will also be automatically subscribed to the Android Developers website, which is part of the same website. I have mentioned this blog because it is often ignored by most developers. But, it offers everything needed to make effective mobile apps.

8. AndroidPolice

For anything and everything to do with Android devices, this is the best site for you. AndroidPolice is where industry experts share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with Android app development. So, whether you are an upcoming developer or you’ve been around for a while, this resource is filled with all-important content to help you develop your android apps and tips to make them unique. With AndroidPolice you will get access to a pool of experts from all over the globe.

9. DroidLife

This is another website that deals with mobile apps and development. In it, you will get Android news from the brands that contribute to the platform and app users. For the latest updates on brands, Android App users, developers and mobile versions, you will have to subscribe.

10. AndroidAuthority

As a mobile developer, sometimes you feel like you have run out of unique ideas to develop mobile apps. AndroidAuthority has the juice to give you great app development ideas. So, as you sit down to analyze various games and Android apps to develop for your clients, this is the website you need to consult. You will get all sorts of news from competitor analysis to research, and development. Developers should bookmark this website for awesome app development ideas.

Other Important Resources for iOS app Development 

Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac has the juiciest information about iOS apps, marketing, development, and monetization. You will, however, have to subscribe to get the latest updates on features, iOS versions, news, tips, tools, etc. All this information is meant to make your iOS app development seamless.

 Apple Insider

This is a news website that deals with Apple products and app development. So, if you have the urge and passion for iOS app development, check out this website for the best insights. The main focus, however, is the forum. You will get all the help you need from a massive user base and community of iOS developers who are more than willing to assist you with technical difficulties when developing apps. There are also moderators and active users who are working daily to solve problems from developers. If you haven’t bookmarked this website, be sure to do so to get the best out of iOS.

 Mac Observer

Any mobile developer, whether developing for iOS or Android, needs to learn a few hacks using various tools when developing apps. To get the best out of this website, you need to subscribe to learn a few things that can help you save time and improve speed on your iOS app development.


When it comes to mobile app development, you need to learn about the latest trends to make your apps unique and user-friendly. If you are developing iOS apps, 9to5Mac offers guides that are published daily. These guides help mobile app developers in setting up various integrations or configurations for using the features and functionalities of the latest iOS versions. For the best guides, ensure that you subscribe to this website’s services.

iOS Dev Weekly

The posts from this blog are published every Friday and are curated by Dave Verwer. The blog provides vital links to help iOS app developers in all aspects across the web. You need to subscribe to its services for posts that are not easily found on the web.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app development is a profession that requires total focus and concentration. The above resources have the best content to help mobile app developers and experts grow their skills and passion to create the best apps to thrive in this very competitive industry. Mobile app technologies keep on changing and you need to stay up-to-date so that you don’t waste time developing pointless apps. Beginners can also benefit from these blogs by gaining knowledge on how to build effective mobile apps fast and easy.

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