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Using Reddit for Studying: Best Tips and Tricks

Reddit is one of the largest social media websites out there. It’s more than that; it’s one of the most popular websites overall. People turn to Reddit to have discussions with friends and strangers, keep up with the news, share memes and jokes, and even study. It’s one of the few social media sites that can actually be good for studying. The site is packed full of advice on how to study and take your education to the next level. Here are the best tips and tricks to using Reddit for studying.

1. Join a Subreddit Related to Studying

The most important thing to using Reddit to study is to get studying tips. From /r/studying to /r/GetStudying and more there are an endless number of subreddits dedicated to effective studying. They have a lot of great advice about how to study seriously, music to help with studying, and so much more important information. There’s nothing wrong with not being an effective studier. Some people never get the hang of it. Let Reddit help you with that. You can even find entire Reddit studying guides if that’s what you want.

There are lots of great subreddits out there for this. Even ones that aren’t directly related to studying can help. If you can’t study because you have ADHD, for example, then check out r/ADHD. There’s plenty of advice for how to study with ADHD, which is one of the hardest things to do. Never been very good at concentrating? Check out some of the music that people recommend to improve concentration and focus. No matter what is stopping you from being an efficient student, Reddit has the answer for you somewhere.

2. Get Help with Homework

Who do you turn to if you need help with homework? When you’re young it’s your parents or siblings. What about when you get older? What if it’s a subject that they don’t know about? If you need help with your homework on any level then r/HomeworkHelp is the subreddit for you. The people there will be the virtual assistants you need.

You shouldn’t expect to find someone who can do it all for you. That would defeat the purpose after all. What you can get, though, is help understanding the material and completing assignments that are more difficult. You could even pay it forward and help others with their own homework while you are at it and help foster that sense of community and helpfulness that makes Reddit a great place to be.

3. Get a Study Partner

Like most things, studying is better if you have someone to do it with. Looking for someone to suffer with you as you work through the material? There’s a subreddit for that. You can use Reddit to find a great study partner who is working on similar subjects to you. They can help you out and you can help them out and everyone involved comes out of it knowing more.

Having a good study partner on your side also helps when things get boring and you want to just give up. The buddy system is good for all kinds of things and studying is one of them. Even better; it’s not like you’re working a group project. They won’t leave you doing all of the work on your own. These are people from all across the world who just want to help. Who knows? You might just make a friend for life. If you’re in college then this is doubly important because you can start networking and make it easier to find a job in your field when you graduate.

4. Join a Subreddit Dedicated to the Subject

What subject are you studying? Science? Math? A foreign language? No matter what it is, there’s sure to be a subreddit for it. There may even be one dedicated to people studying that subject and not just the subject itself. There’s an endless number of subreddits after all, so finding the one you need shouldn’t be difficult at all.

On those subreddits you can join in the conversation and talk to other people in the field. Talk to experts who know the subject or talk to people who are closer to your level. Keep up with the latest news and happenings in the industry and immerse yourself in the subject. Knowing more about the subject as a whole will make you a better expert after all. The more you can learn about a subject the better, and Reddit is the place to go to learn.

5. Take a Load Off

Let’s be honest; too much studying sucks. Studying can be stressful and annoying. No one can retain information when things pile up like that. That’s when you want to turn to Reddit and use it as a way to relax and just take a load off.

We don’t recommend spending too much time browsing Reddit when you’re trying to study, but taking a study break here and there can definitely help. Look through subreddits dedicated to some of your other interests and have a bit of fun before going back to the books.


Social media is often the enemy of studying. That’s not the case with Reddit, which has a lot of helpful advice and information about how to study. Grab yourself a virtual study partner, get help with your homework, learn more about the subject, or just use Reddit to relax and take a break. It doesn’t matter what you study or what you need; there’s a subreddit for that. See what the so-called “Front Page of the Internet” has to offer for yourself.

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Rhonda Martinez

Rhonda Martinez is a Reddit marketing guru, moderator of r/college subreddit and contributor at Legit Writing Services. Being an active redditor, Rhonda uses it all the time to gain knowledge from countless subreddits and to engage in meaningful conversations.