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What You Need to Know About the Latest Local SEO Trends?

Local SEO is predominantly for those businesses that cater to local markets like utility service providers, restaurants, hospitals etc. Today, if someone needs any info regarding these, they rely on Google for it. That’s where local SEO comes into picture and there are SEO services in India that specialize in it. If your business ranks higher in Google’s local searches, then you will be visible to a person at the exact time when they are looking for your kind of products or services. This increases the probability of getting the deal.

To be visible and rank higher in local listings, here are a few local SEO tips that are trending.

Google Maps Business Listing

If you are looking for local visibility, a Google My Business (GMB) listing is the place to be for you. Since Google dominates local SEO, you should be on this local business listing platform for sure. Being there brightens your chances of coming up in Google’s Local Pack. Make sure to give your complete business info, including business’ name, address, phone number and website information in the listing. Add a map, nearest landmark, some description and photos of your business to make the listings more appealing.

Google creates knowledge panels based on the information provided by you for your listing. These knowledge panels are highly visible boxes that come up when someone tries to look for an exact match. No one can apply to be featured in these panels. It’s the information you provide in the listing that helps you in getting featured, so the more elaborate and precise you are, the better your chances to get featured. 

Categorize the Business

If you are opting for Google Maps Business Listing, categorizing the business is very important. This can be done by adding the primary category that describes your niche. You can add up to five additional categories to give a detailed description. This is something that not many are aware of. The primary description gives the main classification, while the additional categories that you have added focus on detailing. You should take maximum advantage of the detailing options available; don’t just leave by adding a primary category.

Optimize Business-Related Information

Your website is your most important and valuable asset online. It is basically the face of your business which makes a first and lasting impact when someone lands on it. Thus, it should be properly optimized to make a positive impact. You are catering to the local market and hence a mention of location in the domain name matters. 

Choose a domain name that not only reflects your business but also the place where you are present. This helps users in getting a complete picture at a glance. Next comes the page titles that should have the most searched keywords related to both your location and business. Make sure your web pages contain details like address, contact number etc. and it should be easily visible. To make it easier for people to reach you, also include area landmarks on your webpages.

Create Content Appealing to the Local Audience

A good SEO services company like Techmagnate understands the difference between creating quality content for a regular website and content that is focused on the local market. To create content that appeals to the local audience, you need to focus on topics that have relevance locally. They should appeal to and attract the local crowd.

Add Location Pages

If you are operating from more than one store or place in the city, create location pages. Each of these location pages should contain details like NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), store hours and landmarks. The other details that are very much required in these location pages are parking information and testimonials from your satisfied customers.

Enable Voice Search

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri are addicting people to voice searches. Millennials, in fact, hate to type and prefer using voice search. This is more convenient too because you can search even if you are busy with other chores like driving, exercising or cooking. These voice searches impact SEO because speaking people are more likely to talk in a natural way. They won’t be using conventional keywords and hence you need to optimize your content accordingly. One way to do this is to use the featured snippets that are used for voice search by Google.

SEO is a serious business because it is your doorway to be visible to your targeted audience. The tips used for local SEO are a little different from those used otherwise. The link building, the content posted, the data used – everything is based on appealing to the local audience. 

SEO professionals that you have hired for the job should understand this difference and do it perfectly.

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