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6 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

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Sailing on the entrepreneurship voyage? It’s a tough sail, requiring the captain to don multiple hats at the same time. Whether it’s research and analysis, arrangement and management of resources, client acquisition and communication, marketing efforts, or management of financial operations and records, the entrepreneurial plate is always full. 

As a result, more often than not, 24-hours is insufficient to complete all operations. So what should you do? Resort to ever-evolving technology and handy mobile apps. 

Yes, mobile apps not only can help save time but also increase productivity levels, helping you become a more organized entrepreneur. While there are many such apps on the market, we’ve picked some which are absolutely essential.

6 must-have mobile apps for entrepreneurs

1. Pocket

Found an interesting article but don’t have enough time to read it immediately? Chances are you would bookmark it to read later and eventually forget to do so, letting the link remain unopened in the long list of hundreds of such bookmarks. To avoid such a scenario, use the Pocket app. 

The Pocket app is thought of as the best “Save for Later” mobile app for entrepreneurs and individuals. You can use this app to save videos, stories, and articles from any other mobile applications, pages, or publications. What makes it more interesting is its offline feature which lets you immerse yourself in saved content without an internet connection. Moreover, the content is accessible from your smartphone, laptop, computer, and tablet for a more seamless experience. 

Available on: App Store and Google Play

2. Accompany

As an entrepreneur, you often have to spend a lot of time researching companies and executives before making a move. That puts other important tasks on the back burner. The Accompany app was developed to solve this very problem. 

Considered as a personal virtual assistant, Accompany assists you with a range of critical tasks – from providing you with detailed company insights to filling you in on an executive’s professional history. To make things simpler, the app can summarize vital information before you head out for that next big meeting by conducting thorough research for you.  

Moreover, it offers a real-time curated feed about your contacts to let you stay updated all the time. Accompany achieves these tasks by linking your email, social media accounts, and mobile calendar, in addition to referring to online sources to create relevant summaries. 

Available on: App Store

3. Buffer

For entrepreneurs, particularly start-up founders, it is essential to build a strong online presence. However, the task of posting across different social media platforms can get overwhelming, time-consuming, and tedious. That’s where Buffer comes into play. 

With the Buffer app, managing your profiles on multiple social networking sites, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, becomes hassle-free. The app not only allows you to easily post your views and content across different social networks from a single dashboard, but it also enables you to schedule your posts. 

Furthermore, you can customize your posts for each social network. In simple terms, you can think of Buffer as your very own social media manager, helping you advance your brand on social media. 

Available on: App Store and Google Play

4. Salesforce

Running a business is not a cakewalk because there are always multiple things screaming for attention, from customer service to marketing. Managing them all can get extremely hectic. That’s where the Salesforce app comes to your rescue. 

With the Salesforce mobile application, you can manage your business activities easily from your phone. The app lets you seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues as well as customers from anywhere. It also lets you effectively manage and convert your leads through its Lead Tracking tool. 

And that isn’t all, the app also provides Reports and Dashboards, offering you real-time views on customer service, sales and marketing figures, and business performance which are a great help in making crucial decisions. There is a Task Organization window as well to help you tick-off your to-do list and plan your day better. 

Available on: App Store and Google Play

5. Trello

Need to find ways to smoothly manage your multiple projects? Turn to Trello. 

Trello is a mobile app that is designed for effective project management. With Trello, it becomes possible for entrepreneurs to manage not just multiple tasks but also their team on one single platform. 

The app facilitates the organization of projects into lists, boards, and cards based on their priority. You can check the status of each project and collaborate with your team no matter where you are. Moreover, Trello lets you assign tasks and set deadlines for individual team members in simple steps. You can access the app, on-the-go, across all your devices. 

Available on: App Store and Google Play

6. Square

Has payment processing become your newest headache? Then it’s time for you to check out the Square app. 

The Square mobile app empowers businesses to accept payments in a quick, secure, and easy manner. You can accept both credit and debit card payments through your phone, tablet, or computer whether you have a physical store or sell online. It also offers more streamlined invoice creation, sending, and tracking. Square’s other business management features include real-time data for inventory and sales, tracking customer spending habits, as well as feedback collection. The whole package helps you cover different business aspects more efficiently.  

Available on: App Store and Google Play

Final Thoughts  

Being an entrepreneur is not easy since you always have to be on your toes to succeed. After all, you have so much to check-off your to-do list. Hence, it’s imperative to use the right tools like the mobile apps discussed above. These apps can take the burden off your shoulders when it comes to day-to-day business activities and save you considerable time, allowing you to  concentrate more on strategy and expansion.

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