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Taking a Look at the Evolution Ecommerce Platform and the Role of SEO

Quite surprisingly, both eCommerce and SEO grew in parallel. In the initial stages of online trade, SEO was an alien term to many. It was then nothing more than a fad for some. But fast forward to the present and you can’t separate the two words – eCommerce SEO.

It is tough to imagine a successful eCom-platform without an effective search engine optimization strategy in place. Today we are taking a look at the growth of both these virtual forces in a single frame. 

The numbers story 

The eCommerce industry has come a long way since the early 2000s, and numbers narrate the story quite aptly. We have moved from online sales of $34.26bn in 2001 to $602bn (US data). It is insane, considering all of this happened in just two decades.

Now, if we look at the sales figures for 2017 to 2019 both in the US and across the globe, you will notice how big the eCommerce industry is today. Also, you might sense how fast online sales are progressing with each passing year.

The numbers have tempted many to jump into the world of eCommerce. Today times have changed, and it is no longer the era of early 2000, where the competition was minimal. Back then, people would list their products and make quick bucks.

However, the competition level has racked up. Previously, we had a few hundred eCommerce platforms operating, but today we have at least 12 million such platforms.

eCommerce SEO services that changed it all

The increasing level of competition has forced e-Commerce platforms to look beyond the general convention. Creating a separate identity became the new goal. Thus, the search began. The answer to creating a unique identity in the online space came in the form of SEO. It has been seen that companies that get SEO correct often end up hitting their target numbers. But the bundle of eCommerce SEO services that propel such great results is the real deal. 

The list is quite long, and we will include some of the most important ones –  Keyword research, Meta and title tags, URL links, mobile site optimization, google analytics, and many more. 

Role of e-Commerce SEO companies

Truth-be-told, not all eCommerce companies have an in-house SEO team. Yes, we are talking about the novice startups in the field. This is where the role of independent eCommerce SEO companies comes into play. Having a professional team of members as a separate extension can work wonders for you.

SEO is not a hundred-meter dash, it is a relay marathon, and the individual should be at their best to complete the full race. The reason we say that is because people often view SEO with a myopic vision of keyword research. But a couple of failures will force you to look beyond. 

The perks of having eCommerce based SEO companies by your side eliminates the short-sightedness. You will be forced to look into several other crucial aspects which otherwise you might overlook. The list includes collaborative working on elements like web page layouts, site link indexation, and social media integration (a newly added responsibility). 

What the future of eCommerce SEO looks like?

The future of eCommerce SEO trends looks very promising, especially with newer technologies augmenting the process of online sales. eCommerce platforms need to be prepared to predict the trend and capitalize on them better than their competitors. It is going to be even more competitive in the times to come. We have predicted some of the shifts, which might become a norm soon. 

Voice search

Integration of technologies like Voice research can be a game changer in the eCommerce sphere. With Siri and Alexa becoming an integral part of life, effort has to be made in the direction of strategizing new SEO plans, which includes such tools. Some companies are already using AI-based tools to narrate their brand story and captivate their audience.

The mobile site in the future

Tech giants like Google are working constantly to improve user experience on mobile devices. In 2019, the bulk of e-Commerce revenue came from mobile sites. Major players in the field like Amazon and Flipkart have jumped on the bandwagon. The idea here is not to generate instant sales but to keep  users glued to a page long enough to increase the chance of conversion.    

SEO and eCommerce are growing side by side as we speak in their own virtual space. The ones who are attuned to new changes will have the first-mover advantage. The bottom line is prepare yourself for a marathon and not a 100m sprint.

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