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10 Best Social Media Management Tools to Improve Search Results in 2020

Looking for the best social media management software to help you save time while managing your social media marketing efforts?

In this article, we’ve gathered ten great social media management tools that will help you do everything from scheduling to automatically sharing old content, creating social media images, evaluating results, and more.

Social Media Marketing Kitchener provides 10 best social media management tools that you can use in 2020:


One of the most useful aspects of Planable is the opportunity to see your social posts as if they were in the social feed.

This is useful if you want to drop posts across a number of different feeds and you need to configure them for each feed. You can drag and drop media files to your posts which helps you to prepare and build a visual calendar to see your campaigns clearly.


  • The appeal of being able to see your posts as they appear in the feed can’t be underestimated.
  • This feature helps to ensure that your visual content is first-rate by incorporating humor, gifs, etc. to your brand’s social media. 

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools available for the production and management of business campaigns. Instead of manually handling all social media sites, you can just open Hootsuite and manage from a single dashboard.

You can use this social media app to schedule messages, monitor interactions, manage multiple profiles, and to perform many other social activities.


  • Has a limited free plan.
  • You can schedule campaigns across various social media networks from a single dashboard.

3. Social Pilot

The Social Pilot suite has won a lot of fans with its simple and easy-to-use interface and competitive pricing.

It allows for bulk scheduling, content curation, and brand management.


  • The Social Pilot Calendar feature is a crowd-pleaser
  • Smart reporting and good analytics
  • You can quickly see how various accounts are doing and determine where to spend extra time focusing on customer interaction. 

4. SEMrush

We all know that SEMrush is a stellar forum to audit your SEO efforts.

In addition to tracking the performance of your content and finding the right keywords to use, you can also post, and manage your social media profiles, on the SEMrush app.

In their Social Media Toolkit, you can schedule messages, edit images, and import files from CSV files.


  • The SEMrush competitor research tools are extremely useful. You can find out which keywords they’re using and which digital marketing tactics work for them.

5. Buffer

Buffer is another handy tool that many pro-marketers use to share posts on a fixed timeline to get better results and to get more social traffic to their site.

You can add a particular time to share your content in just a few clicks. The free version only provides one social profile per network – you need the premium version to access multiple profiles.


  • It lets you upload images, articles, and videos with ease.
  • You can organize content across various social networks from a single dashboard

6. Canva

Having well-designed graphics is a perfect way to boost your social media game. Registered marketers can use glamorous images for Pinterest and Instagram to produce better leads. When you need support with your image needs, Canva is the best social media resource you can use.

Canva is a great platform built to help you handle social media visuals. This tool gives you the ability to create a website without knowing anything about web design.


  • You can create great-looking content from your web browser 
  • Thousands of exclusive graphic elements for the creation of beautiful images.

7. Sked Social

 It’s no secret that Facebook ads can build a reputation for your website and help you hit your target audience. So many advertisements on Facebook , however, have made them easy to ignore so marketers are now switching to sites like Instagram.

Sked Social allows you to:  


  • Modify photos for bulk sharing.
  • Upload to multiple Instagram accounts through an easy-to-use interface.

8. Meet Edgar

Your social media channels will be full of content if you use Meet Edgar.

This interactive framework provides several different approaches to content development.


  •  Meet Edgar has a smart composer that saves you precious time when creating content.

9. SharedCount

SharedCount is a free resource that lets you monitor the number of shares in a particular post on your website.

The key aim of using social media is to increase traffic and thus boost conversion. And, one of the easiest ways to know your campaign success rate is by testing the number of shares in your domain.


  • This tool is available free of charge and supports both Facebook and Twitter. Test the number of shares for bulk URLs.

10. Edgar

Edgar allows you to arrange information sharing. It does not add all content in a single queue. It assigns content to various categories and then applies publication time to each category. This lets you hit a market at a specific time.


  • Edgar optimizes post times by group, rather than using a single queue and reposts social media content to help you get more insight into your messages.

Bonus Tool: GoLogin

While isn’t a full social media management tool with features like scheduling posts, it excels in managing multiple social media accounts.  With separate cloud profiles, you can safely log into various social media platforms without conflicts and maintain a distinct identity for each account. This makes a valuable asset, particularly for social media agencies handling numerous client accounts.

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