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Top 5 Reasons To Buy Expired Domains

Expired domains are domains that have been registered, but their owners failed to renew after a stipulated contractual period. The failure of renewal can be due to various reasons, including forgotten renewal dates, failed payment methods, or the previous owners are just done using them.

Domain name registrars typically give customers a 30-day extension after a domain name expires to forestall unintentional losses. After this period of grace, an expired domain name goes on an auction that lasts another seven days. You may visit for more information regarding this.

You can buy expired domains for various reasons, such as:

1. Optimized Off-Page SEO

Typically, expired domains already have some form of existing backlink structure that can be integrated into your website. Those backlinks can help with much of the work required for your off-page SEO. These backlinks can improve your off-page SEO in the following ways:

#301 Redirect: This is a process of redirecting an old domain to your website. Using the #301 redirect, you can successfully move the information you deem as necessary to your newer website. 

#301 redirect tells Google that a piece of content has moved permanently to another. If you are using this redirect method, make sure that both sites belong to the same category.

Create A Microsite: This is a more meticulous approach that involves creating a mini-site using an expired domain for the primary purpose of linking it to your website. Microsites form a part of a bigger structure called a private blog network (PBN).

PBN is a set of mini-websites that all link to your main website. Many SEO experts have dedicated PBNs for work purposes. With the right amount of skill used to integrate them, these micro-sites can help increase your site ranking considerably.

2. Build A High Authority Website

When building your blog or website on a new domain, it requires a lot of dedication to increase SEO authority. If you want to develop an authority website faster, an expired domain is your best bet.

The trick here is to buy an erstwhile high-ranking site name and do a revamp of the expired domain to house your new website. That way, your newer website inherits all the optimization previously done on the expired domain, making its likelihood of becoming optimized faster.

3. Best Targeted Traffic

A huge perk of copping an expired domain is that your new website can feed off its existing traffic. Typically, expired domains have a reasonable amount of traffic, while the higher ranking ones have lots of traffic. 

Buying a new domain allows for total ingenuity, but requires you to go through every step needed to get traffic for your new website. However, an expired domain provides a spring off, and with the right content, you can be able to get higher traffic in a few months. To achieve the best targeted traffic, you need to acquire an expired domain that is most related to your website’s core idea.

4. Search Engines Love Older Domains

Search engines are known to favor older domains over new ones because of their higher likelihood of being trustworthy. The two reasons for this being better establishment and less risk of spam.

With an expired domain, there is a certainty that the website has been crawled previously, which makes it a good match for search engines. It is a given that older domains are ranking higher on Google’s PageRank. In summary, better results are guaranteed for your content whenever you put expired domains to use.

5. Resell For Profit

Reselling for profit is a common reason people buy expired domains. There are two ways to make a profit from reselling domains. These are:

  • Domain Flipping: This is a short-term purchase aimed at making immediate profits from selling as many expired domain names as quickly as possible. It can well serve anyone for some reasonable amount of profit.
  • Domain Investing: Domain investing is the better version of reselling for profit. Here, a buyer purchases an expired domain name–much as is the case with domain flipping–but holds on to it in a bid to cash out big on the initial investment.

Domain investors can build full websites on domain names they are convinced will sell big in the market. SEO improvement of the purchased domain is also another way to increase its value.


Buying expired domain names is a common practice today. These domain names offer a good number of benefits, including an opportunity to obtain their existing off-page SEO for better results. You can also build a high authority website faster using the base structure of an expired domain name.

An unpopular benefit of buying expired domains is being able to resell them for profit. However, they should be acquired with the utmost care. Just as the right expired domain name comes with great benefits, it can well be a liability, too

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