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Does Renting Home Appliances Make Sense?

Everyone in the country has knowledge about renting property, since we have been doing it for decades. But renting other things to fill that property with, is a new concept and people are getting more familiar with it. And this concept has been an emerging trend in the renting industry, especially amongst younger groups or millennials. With the rise of student community or start-up culture, renting makes much more sense to people than buying everything, whether it is furniture or electronic home appliances, to make their living or working space wholesome.

In a fast-paced life, where people go through constant relocations for different reasons, investing a big chunk of funds into buying the furnishing essentials does not make sense. And since people want to turn their life into comfortable and luxurious in just some clicks-away, getting home appliances on rent seems like a much more feasible option financially and otherwise.

Benefits of Renting Home Appliances

There has been an exponential growth in the sharing economy. After an emerging trend of shared apartments, office spaces, cars or even clothes, people are now inclining towards renting home appliances for better convenience. Though, some people still find buying the better option, some on the other hand prefer flexibility over stability and do not want baggage of any kind. With the boom in the renting industry, a number of companies have emerged which provide home appliances rental services to give you easy access to plethora of options to rent from.

Choosing to get home appliances on rent not only saves you a load of money but it also saves a lot of time and efforts. Selecting good home appliances by going to the market can eat up a lot of time and installing them adds the extra headache to it. While you can rent your required home appliances with just a few clicks online and the rest will be taken care of.

While buying may allow you to get complete ownership of the appliances, a basic set of home appliances that you need for your house can easily cost you anywhere between 35,000 – 50,000 and not everyone can afford that. In an economy where most of the people usually earn the basic average monthly income of Rs10000-20,000 and are constantly moving, they do not have a big amount stashed for buying everything they need. Therefore, they opt for renting, which is a far better option where the cost is as less as Rs 1500 – 2000 per month, which covers most of it. Everybody wants to live in a well-furnished home and you can get all the branded home appliances on rent according to your needs and live luxuriously.

Moreover, renting does not lock your money. You can easily shift, without any hassle, and choose different products to rent for your new place. This gives you both the refreshing feel and ease of moving into the new place. Not only that, online rental service providers also have other advantages such as free delivery, installation, setup and maintenance for the customers, which reduces the burden of paying the extra costs.

Let’s take a look at some major benefits of renting home appliances:

  1. Cost Effective – Paying a large amount of money for buying the appliances that you need in your daily life routine is not an option for many people since they cannot afford it. Choosing appliances on rent is a much feasible option because it costs a lot less. You can select from a wide range of home appliances online and order according to your requirement at best affordable rates.
  2. Hassle Free Process – Hunting for the right appliances that too according to your budget can be a tiresome task and can take days. It also takes time to put together the required money for them, which can cause stress. But renting eases down the whole process of filling up your house with whatever appliances you require, without any complications.
  3. Flexibility – People now a days prefer flexibility over stability. A lot of people want constant change. They either want to refurnish after a certain period and upgrade to newer products or move to another location, which would mean moving your things to the new place. Renting gives you the freedom to change the appliances and upgrade to latest ones more frequently. Renting also helps you avoid the stress of wear and tear and maintenance.
  4. Convenient – Home appliances rental services provide free delivery and installation. Even when you move to another city, they help you with the moving process and furnish your new space. That is why renting appliances is more convenient. Rental services providers, such as Cityfurnish, provides the option of free relocation, pickup and installation options according to customer’s preferences.
  5. Suitable for both long-term and short-term period – Buying appliances is a one-time long-term commitment, while renting on the other hand, can be opted for a short period as well. You can rent the home appliances for however long you want, for a month, 6 months or a year, it all depends on your preference and convenience.

Expanding the Area

While renting appliances is has gained popularity amongst households, it is not limited to only houses. With the rise of start-ups and sharing culture, there are many offices which are opting for rental options instead of buying everything. Companies with small budget do not have enough funds to buy everything. To cut costs, they are bending towards renting the furniture and required appliances for the office spaces which costs them way less than it would in owning them.

Moreover, the future is unpredictable. No one knows in how long or where it will reach once it takes off. Companies are more likely to shift during the expansion, which means moving and renting everything makes the whole shifting process easier. All the rented appliances can be returned or new ones can be easily installed at the new space without the headache of pick-up and delivery and any heavy extra costs.

Growth of Renting Industry

Since a tremendous growth has been recorded in the renting industry, according to research, the demand has risen. From tier 1 cities, now the awareness of renting the furnishings is spreading in tier 2 and 3 cities as well and with that, more home appliances rental services have grown their business. Be it young professionals or students living away from their homes or married couple moving out of their houses, everyone is seeing a positive side to furnishing their homes by renting instead of buying.

Now that we have established that renting home appliances would be the preferred option, let’s take a look at the cases and people to whom it renting makes more financial sense:

  • Students – Many students move out of their houses for further studies, be it under-graduation or masters. They have to settle into another city during their studies. They rent a place to live which needs furnishing. Why would students want to commit to the expenses when they know they are not going to stay at that place permanently? Renting appliances for however long the program lasts seems a better option and it is also cost effective. There are combo packages from which they can choose to rent the appliances.
  • Working Professionals – Sometimes your work requires you to move to another city. It can be for a week, a month, six months or longer. Some people constantly switch jobs and with that they have to switch places, while others have to move due to their current job. Either way, when you move to another city to gain experience of a new job or you know you are going to spend a short period of time, 6 months or a year, in a different city due to your work transfer, you can either rent a place which is already fully furnished or rent the required essential appliances and other things to make your living a home. Buying in this case does not make any sense.
  • New Companies or Start-Ups – Opening your start-up with a limited budget does not leave you an option of buying all the things you need for your office. Once the team starts to expand, companies look for a different place to settle and fit the bigger team in and that means moving. This change in locations can add the stress of moving the furniture and other appliances from one office to another or buying new ones when it’s in budget. Renting will take that stress and burden off the shoulders. Renting services providers help you pick-up, deliver and even install all the electronics.

Does your job demand you to constantly relocating? Do you frequently move to different cities? Are you moving out of your house for further studies or have you bought a new house but are not fully settled in? In any such case which requires temporary living arrangements in any city, your best option is to rent the home appliances for however long they’re needed. You would not have to worry about heavy EMIs for the things you would not require later. Browse through your options of renting home appliances and choose from various renting options.  

Renting Home Appliances

While going through your options and searching for ‘home appliances on rent near me, you’ll see many companies which provide rental services but which one is worth selecting? With plenty of reasons to rent the home appliances that you need, all you have to do is find a suitable company which fulfils all your requirements in affordable rates.

Cityfurnish is here to choose the best in market by offering you a wide range of home appliances to rent from. From big appliances or small, from latest LED TVs, refrigerator to air purifiers, we have them all. Our professional team has carefully curated a list of latest home appliances from top-rated brands. Each and every product listed on our website ensures best quality, functionality and durability. Apart from providing a handsome collection of home appliances on rent, we also have much more to offer. Take a look at our website and a range of products to rent and avail the benefits such as free delivery, installation and setup, pick-up, relocation and maintenance.  

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