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Create Better Content For Your Legal Blog

How do you create content for your company’s blog which is ten times better than content produced by your competitors? This is an important question that anyone in the legal field needs to ask themselves. Start by partnering with great digital creative agencies to really get those creative juices flowing and create useful, valuable and engaging content for your readers. Check out these tips for creating higher performing blog posts below…

  • Start by making your blog post URLs shorter. URLs that rank first in performance and search results have an average of 50 characters. 
  • These top-performing legal blogs also have something else in common, they all have a variety of content types. Check out the content types which you have against competitor’s websites. Find out gaps both your website’s content and your competitors and produce content that fills those gaps. Once you have produced content, articles, images, and videos to fill these gaps think about what you call this content. 
  • Titles are important. Click-through rates from search engines have a .67 correlation with title and ranking. Before publishing your articles, try checking their Flesch readability and nTopic relevancy scores. A good Flesch readability score of rank one content in SERP’s (search engine results pages) is 76.5. For nTopic you should aim for a relevancy score of 99%. This should be easily read by anyone over the age of 13.
  • Look at how you are structuring the information in your content. 78% of the highest-ranking content includes a bulleted list in some way, try to include these in your articles. This is a vital part of ensuring your legal marketing strategy is a success, and so a legal marketing agency will focus heavily on this.

Using a professional copywriter to create your content

You might think, ‘I can write, I do it every day’. But is there a difference between what people do every day in their work and what a professional copywriter do? 

The evolution of search engine optimisation into content marketing over the past few years has meant that every website and blog has had to up their game in terms of the content they produce. Research has shown that you have as little as seven seconds to grab your reader’s attention on the net. Any digital agency will tell you that producing high quality written content has become all-important in building the authority your website needs. There is more to writing online content than describing a product or service that a business offers. 

Online copywriting is a different skillset from everyday writing or even writing for printed materials. SEO means that you need to be able to include relevant keywords to be found by searches. Search engines such as Google are looking for unique, high-quality content and so copywriters working with digital agencies will find ways to naturally distribute these keywords through the copy in a natural way which doesn’t disrupt how the copy flows. With as little as seven seconds, copy on your website should grab the reader’s attention and inspire them to follow your call to action. A page should have a clear call to action towards the end which steers the reader into a particular action. This is why you need an experienced copywriter who understands both SEO and the legal field. 

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