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Popular Graphic Design Assets and When to Use Them

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Creating new designs nowadays can be a challenge. The abundance of visuals makes it difficult to come up with unique ideas. However, the variety of graphic elements can be equally a huge benefit for visual content makers that use other graphic design resources to learn and draw inspiration.

These are the most popular graphic design assets that can be helpful for graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators that look for multivariate visuals to use in their projects.

1. Pexels

Pexels stores millions of free high-quality photos and videos that can be of great value to all users creating art objects, amazing visual elements, and various design templates. The content is accessible to anyone and can be used for personal and commercial purposes on condition that all the rights are reserved. The Pexels community invites any creative person to contribute to the collection of visuals. Since every photo or video stored on Pexels is under the Pexels license, your shared content won’t be misused.  

2. Piktab

This Chrome extension allows you to search through various graphic design websites. Piktab provides a customizable interactive environment that helps you find the best tutorials, mock-ups, sketches, icons, etc. Piktab has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that creates a collection of visuals that most closely match your preferences. 

3. Pic Jambo

This free of charge graphic resource is more suited to art people that look for the most diverse images in different formats. Pic Jambo is a huge library of high-resolution pictures that can be used for blog and website designs. Most content is available at zero price, but there is a premium membership for professionals that plan to exploit this asset consistently.

4. Iconmonstr

This resource stores over 3,000 free icons that you can use in minimalist designs. Icons are grouped into collections and can be navigated through hashtags. The appeal of iconmonstr lies in the opportunity to download an icon in different formats (e.g. SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG) and change their size, color, and shape. Iconmonstr’s icons are optimized for web use. Alongside icons, the website provides a one-of-a-kind Iconic font that you can install to create exclusive and customized projects.

5. Font Squirrel

If you are looking for an extraordinary font to sophisticate your visuals, Font Squirrel is a precious online resource with high-quality freeware. You can discover the most popular fonts used on the web and find rare ones for yourself. Font Squirrel’s unique feature is a font identifier that lets you recognize the font in the picture you upload and subsequently download it from the resource. The website is simple and easy to use via a number of font filters, tags, and classifications.

6. Web Design Freebies

Web Design Freebies is a versatile place to keep up with the latest trends in design. The resource offers a wide range of freebies that can be a good basis for making top-notch graphics. These can be UI kits, mockups, templates, and themes. By exploring the website’s potential, you are likely to find useful objects to integrate into your exquisite design styles. Likewise, the web design resource is abundant in tips on numerous topics and challenges facing web designers at work.

7. Drawkit

Drawkit is a dream graphic asset for every web designer that prefers using digital-ready illustrations in their projects. Drawkit’s library is vast and boasts high-quality vector illustrations, animations, and backgrounds that you can employ in your designs. The illustrations are available in different formats and categorized by topic. One pack includes 10 to 50 illustrations. You can also subscribe for weekly free illustrations that Drawkit willingly distributes to all the creators who follow their updates.

8. Humaaans

This free resource is best fit for designers that love experimenting with illustrations. This tool provides you with the ability to create unique pictures of people based on templates. Humaaans lets you choose any template from the library and edit its elements until you get the desired illustration. In particular, you can change backgrounds, colors, and rotate any part of the illustration. In the end, you receive a high-resolution vector image that can be used independently as well as a part of a landing page design.


GIMP is an amazing cross-platform editor designed for image transformation. The tool helps web designers and photographers produce diverse graphic elements for web design through retouching and painting. GIMP has multi-language support and for this reason is regarded as a smart assistant for UX/UI designers. This graphic tool is also easily compatible with other design software, such as Inkscape, Scribus, etc. This software can be customized to your professional needs and project goals.

10. 99designs Blog

It is the last graphic resource on this list you may find helpful to get some inspiration. 

99designs Blog is a real gem for all graphic designers that strive to expand their fundamental knowledge of design and art as a whole. The resource enlightens users about graphic design movements and history as well as provides essential materials and tutorials on how to develop basic skills for graphic design jobs. This blog is recommended to all who take an interest in any kind of design and are looking for a like-minded community.

These 10 free graphic assets are a standard set of resources that you may need at the start of your professional path. Knowing where to find high-quality visuals is a big advantage for every designer. It saves you time and helps you come up with brilliant ideas as you have a chance to learn from the best visual content creators that share their works and experience online.

With the help of these websites, it is easier to be creative. Whatever project you are working on, you can always adopt some graphic elements or visual concepts and build your own amazing design style that will draw audience attention or help you win your client’s affection. 

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