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How to Boost Your Business during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected not only businesses but also manufacturers and suppliers. The situation has created economic uncertainties that have transformed people’s routines. Regardless of the industry or location, business is no longer as usual. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the events industry take a drop as a result of the coronavirus. In addition to canceled meetings and conferences, companies, as well as, governments are encouraging employees to work from home; some are even mandating it. Despite this outbreak, we encourage you to build your business in a way that the organization can not only survive but also gain profits. Here are some ways in which you could boost your company during this outbreak.

Increase your digital presence

With the number of people confined at home under quarantine, gaming and video apps have hit new download volumes, and people are investing more time online. You can enhance your brand visibility online by creating branded apps, games, and videos if you belong to the tech industry. You can also create relevant content to engage customers, such as videos of how to do simple exercises or make healthy meals at home to help them combat the virus.

Empathize & Strategize

It is essential to keep our relationship with existing clients alive. Consider creating a communication of business through digital outreach. Look at older leads that were on the backlist due to one reason or another.

Website Optimization

The continuous optimization of your website and its content is the ultimate way to achieve your marketing goals. Once you find the loose ends and determine your site’s vulnerability, you need to optimize them one by one. You need to update and optimize your website as well as the content.

Effectively communicate with customers

In this uncertain time, you have to improve the way you interact with your customers. Convince your customers that you still provide service as usual with a different kind of delivery. Sending your message via email or WhatsApp broadcast is the best way to go. Offer help to your customers regarding your business service.

Get innovative with Sales Presentations

Coronavirus is forcing many businesses to cut back on travel and in-person meetings. That means web-based presentations are more important than ever. Start repackaging your sales talk into a full-blown virtual presentation. Be prepared to do more of your pitch online instead of on-site meetings.

Focus on your employee’s satisfaction

Business success is dependent on employee satisfaction. And, in this lockdown period, it is essential to work as a team with your employees. Everyone is doing work from home. Take it as a positive way of doing work. Share positive thoughts with your team while promoting. Keep sales pitches at a moderate level.

Promote on Social Media

As people stay at home, they are spending more time on online streaming platforms for entertainment, social media for connecting to the outside world, e-commerce portals for shopping, and much more. With the high usage of these platforms, technology use is on the rise.

Plan for the future

Use this lockdown period wisely, and instead of panicking over the situation, strategize for future events. Think about how efficiently you can serve your customers/clients. Any major business decisions such as the launching of new products can be effectively implemented during this period.

Maintain a healthy relationship with contracted parties

Understandably, it might be challenging to pay out vendors during the lockdown. However, it would be helpful to give your vendors, suppliers, landlords, etc. advance notice in case of payment delay so that they can also be prepared.

Share the work accordingly

Divide responsibilities based on the capabilities and resources required to accomplish them. Having an informal group check-in each day keeps the team on the same page, promotes team-building exercises, and holds everyone accountable for their daily tasks and ongoing projects.

Evaluate Possibilities and Communication Plans

As an organization, you also need to communicate with your stakeholders, such as investors, suppliers, and vendors. Assess and evaluate various possible events due to the crisis and how they may impact the organization and its stakeholders.

Test out your strategies initially and keep a check on your return on investment to evaluate their effectiveness. Another valuable means for obtaining consumer feedback through primary research is via online questionnaires. Entrepreneurs must take a proactive approach to combat the current unpredictable scenario. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant challenge in the short run, but it also offers the opportunity to transform sales organizations and help companies become stronger.

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