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Reporting Made Easier Than Ever

Do you ever wonder how to save time collecting data, gaining insights, and getting a better overview of the results you create for your clients online? You probably do. And the answer to your question is here – offers an all-in-one, white label reporting platform that saves you time and generates easy-to-read reports. And not only does it save you time on reports, but it also makes it easier for you to keep track of the results, giving you that extra time and insight you need to work on your client’s marketing channels.

Deliver data-driven results

Given that digital marketing is more important than ever, your clients will appreciate the 360-overview reports that you can easily create for them on the platform. The platform allows you to customise and personalise your reports with the data you need to show your individual clients, so they are only shown what is relevant to them. You can add your company logo and name, and even choose the colour scheme you desire. Furthermore, you can have the reports sent directly to your client’s inbox – being it daily, weekly or monthly – saving you even more time.

All channels in one place

Reporting is not the only thing made easier on this platform. Usually, there is a lot of data to gain insight from and track for a client. Sometimes this requires logging into a multitude of different pages or platforms in order to collect performance data. But with Agency360, this is all possible through the same platform with only one login required.

Whether you manage your clients’ Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, Facebook Ads or something else, it is all possible to connect to one dashboard. The incredible overview gained from having it all in one place is invaluable and makes it stress-free for you to find out where you’re gaining the most from your efforts for your client. 

Complete data overview

Not only does Agency360 offer insight into your clients’ various advertising channels, but it also makes sure to incorporate everything else you need to know. It is possible to connect your clients’ social media accounts in order to track their development and see what creates the most user engagement. Monitoring social media results is crucial for your clients when trying to gain customers. 

Besides advertising and social media, the platform also helps you track your client’s website, providing important insights into developments in organic as well as paid traffic. Furthermore, the platform helps you discover and identify important leads from the visitors to your client’s website, giving your client crucial information in the quest for new customers. It also gives you an insight into all inbound links and helps you see the quality of these as well as their development over time.

The time that can be saved by having all your clients’ data in one platform is incredible, and the reports that are created so easily showcase the results that are gained in a simple way. All in all, this platform makes it easier for you to provide the best possible strategies and results for your clients, simply because you can base every decision on easy-to-read data.

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