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The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ads and Dimensions

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When we look at LinkedIn advertising, the process may seem quite similar to other social media platforms. But, LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms when we look at the results. So, what makes LinkedIn stand out? 

There are many marketing channels out there for advertising. Venturing into advertising and creating a strategy that will stay in tune with today’s business is essential. 

Here is where LinkedIn has an advantage over other platforms. LinkedIn enables you to connect with a more professional audience through targeted messaging.   

Many B2B marketers out there look at LinkedIn as a platform for spreading brand awareness and driving quality leads. Active LinkedIn members keep their profiles up to date. A B2B marketer can knock at an open door to access a goldmine of updated demographics!  

LinkedIn advertising has a lot of benefits. Based on your marketing goals, these ads can serve your business by attracting customers. Let us check out the benefits LinkedIn has to offer!

Benefits of Linkedin Ads for Your Business

1. Target Professionals

Due to high user activity, most social media advertising platforms tend to bring in irrelevant audiences that could destabilize your campaign. 

LinkedIn grants access to a relevant and a more professional audience. It enables you to connect with decision-makers, who will have the final say!

LinkedIn allows you to target by skillset, degree, industry, job title, job function, and many more demographics. You can also exclude certain audiences to ensure your assets are protected from irrelevant clicks.

2. Unique Advertising

Like any other social media advertising, LinkedIn also offers you many opportunities like sponsored posts to marketers for gaining exposure, clicks, and conversions. 

Another one is sponsored Inmail, which is integrated into its internal mailing platform. These email-like messages have proved to be of great success in terms of openings and CTR above most of the regular emails.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Whatever you do, if you are not getting the right results, you are likely to get frustrated. While doing business online, conversions are an essential factor. LinkedIn advertising gets your message across to the right prospects. When the message is delivered to the right people, the chances of conversion only increases. 

One of the most competitive advantages of LinkedIn is that it is more of a professional networking site, and it is not replicated anywhere else. Although you may have to pay a good sum of money for your ad clicks and impressions on LinkedIn, its advertising approach is focused on triggering quality interactions that can produce higher yields at a lower risk.

4. Matched Audience Targeting

LinkedIn’s matched audience program is a lead-generating weapon for today’s digital marketing. This targeting feature lets you match your business data with LinkedIn’s powerful user-generated content for better marketing outcomes.

With LinkedIn’s matched audience, you can retarget your website visitors to engage them further. Also, it allows you to build customized audiences and run account-based marketing campaigns.

You will see results in your advertising efforts only if you can get in front of the right audience. LinkedIn matched audience is all about that!

5. Lead-Nurturing 

Many social media ads focus on generating leads and awareness. What happens to these leads once they are in your database? If you don’t nurture these acquired leads, you may fail to convince them that becoming your customers are in their best interest. Previously, this was limited to just emails, but now, with LinkedIn, it is more than that!

Getting Started With Your Ads

Beginning your ad campaign and choosing your audience is usually one of the most difficult tasks while advertising on LinkedIn. Once you get started with it, you will observe that it is not as complex as you thought!

Like any other social media platform, LinkedIn also provides you with different ad types and formats. Always choose your ad type according to the action you wish to drive. LinkedIn advertising promotes lead generation, site conversions, website visits, engagements, and brand awareness.

This Infographic, designed by TechWyse, an SEO agency based in Toronto, provides you with all the ad dimensions and specifications that are necessary for you. If you are someone looking to advertise on LinkedIn, this should help you immensely!

Some Best Practices

To obtain the full effect of these ads, you need to know how to leverage them. Here are a few LinkedIn advertising best practices you need to consider:

  • Set your goals- Understanding your goal is very important before starting your campaign. After all, the choice of running ads on LinkedIn depends on what you want to achieve. So, always think of what you want to achieve before initiating your campaigns.
  • Customer Journey- As all LinkedIn ad types are appropriate for various stages of the customer journey, before executing your ad, always identify your customer journey!
  • Targeting options- There are plenty of targeting options on LinkedIn. The purpose of targeting options is to aid advertisers in reaching people with a higher chance of converting. You won’t need to spend a lot of money if you can reach people who are most likely to convert. Layering different LinkedIn targeting options can help you achieve this.
  • Test your ads- After you have executed your ads, it is vital to experiment with new ad copy and learn what images and text resonate with the target audience. It also helps you to make sure your ad copy is regularly updated.

Though you may find it challenging to execute ads on LinkedIn, with the right ads, you can tap into the potential for immense success. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the best platform for yielding excellent returns, especially if you are looking for long term benefits. LinkedIn can generate outstanding results despite the higher initial investment.

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