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Boost Employee Engagement In Your Retail Workforce With Blink

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It is all too common to see disengaged employees being less enthusiastic on the sales floor. Why shouldn’t the buyer then choose to shop elsewhere where they are served with a smile?

After all, retail businesses rely on customers to keep coming back to buy from them.  But that can only happen if employees offer positive interactions to customers. Otherwise, companies suffer when their staff doesn’t provide quality customer service. 

This mandates the need for ensuring engagement and communication among retail employees. These factors have an important role to play when it comes to providing a consistent brand experience to its customers.

And there’s little doubt that employee engagement and business performance go hand in hand. It is an established fact that only engaged employees can provide better customer service and, in turn drive a retail business’s growth. 

Retail employees are the face of your brand since they shape the customer’s perception, making it imperative to keep them motivated to achieve their sales targets. 

However, digital workplace solutions, such as employee engagement apps, can help motivate employees to deliver better services to their customers.

Blink And Employee Engagement In Retail Brands

There’s little doubt that technology and workforce engagement are correlated as retail businesses leverage new technology to improve their services and boost the brand’s image.

Intelligent communication platforms are a technological innovation that has the power to bring the entire workforce together and facilitate collaboration among them. 

Blink is an employee engagement platform that is designed for frontline workers, such as retail employees, to keep them connected with the entire organization and its workflow.

The following are some ways this communication platform can be integrated into the everyday operations of a retail employer to make them feel engaged and motivated.

Unified Communications

With the integration of a unified communication platform such as Blink, you can ensure that your retail employees have all the info they need to provide seamless customer experience.

Usually, the nature of a retail employee’s job entails working from various locations if the store has numerous branches. Even if they work from a single store, they might be tasked with duties in different departments. These issues can keep them from connecting to their colleagues and finding people who can help them perform at their best. 

A common communication platform can solve these issues once and for all. With features like personalized news feeds, one-on-one chats, and group conversations, Blink gives retail employees all that they need to stay on top of company news. 

So no matter where you send them, they’d know exactly what’s going on in other parts of the business and how their colleagues are keeping up. The app essentially enables them to collaborate with their coworkers with no regard for their geographical location.

Access To Authentic Information

The customers of today leverage technology to gain information on your brand. They can inspect the quality of your products and services, compare prices, and check online reviews before deciding to buy from you.

Your local teams should have access to related info, so they know what kind of questions and concerns to expect from a prospective buyer. This is an important aspect of providing a seamless consumer experience.

With the help of Blink, they can easily access inventories and data without losing a precious opportunity to engage the customer. 

The app offers quick access to important documents through a single platform – they can find the required information in no time, which creates a positive brand image in the consumer’s mind.

Moreover, with a robust knowledge management system like Blink, they can easily share information among themselves, which boosts the company culture and leaves a positive impact on a potential customer.

Prompt Collaborations

Retail business can sometimes get chaotic, especially during the sales season, which can be overwhelming for your employees and affects your business operations. Without a streamlined system in place to guide your people, they may end up assuming their responsibilities or find what they need to do on a word-of-mouth basis, which can prove to be detrimental to your business.

There are increased chances of miscommunication that can tarnish the image of your brand or affect your customer’s experiences, resulting in negative reviews.

Blink enables you and your employees to create and share important information in real-time. It’s designed like social media news feed, making it easy for you to communicate their daily rosters to employees, or inform them about duty changes or any tasks that are due immediately. 

Moreover, you can use Blink to engage your employees to instill a sense of fraternity that ultimately leads to a heightened sense of commitment, which motivates them to work more efficiently.

Quick Access To Your Employees 

If the majority of your retail workers perform their duties remotely, you might be hard-pressed to find ways of keeping them in the loop, especially if they do not have access to a computer.

But with the help of Blink’s employee engagement app, your remote employees can easily access important information. All they need is a smartphone device that will keep them connected with everyone in the organization.

Blink’s customized chat feature, as well as discussion threads through let you disseminate info and contact your frontline retail workers in real-time. It also supports the integration of images, videos, files, and other documents that you can easily send your employees for prompt action.

This gives rise to high levels of employee engagement as the worker feels like a valuable member of the organization.

Offer Your Teams An Interactive Digital Experience With Blink

In the retail industry, store employees are an integral part of the business since they are responsible for directly interacting with the customer to promote a positive and attractive brand image.

Hence, it’s critical to support them with tools and resources that enable them to collaborate with each other. Digitizing your employee engagement needs with Blink can connect your staff with their coworkers from different departments and store locations.

If you are looking for a unified communication platform that is designed for remote workers – look no further than Blink. 

It offers a paperless approach to executing tasks and providing constant access to important data. This creates a more engaged retail workforce that sets you apart from your competitors due to exceptional customer service and positive company culture.

This app can make your retail staff feel valued, which increases their satisfaction in the workplace so they can perform their tasks well. 

If you want more information on Blink, get in touch with us.

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