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How to Write SEO Friendly Content

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Writing and maintaining articles is already a difficult task itself and incorporating SEO to the article while also keeping the article engaging seems impossible. One of the most important things a writer needs to do is finding the perfect balance between SEO and one’s creativity put into making the article engaging. Keeping in mind technological ways to draft content, here are eight tips that will help you write SEO friendly articles to boost your skills.

Tips for SEO-friendly content 

Write content that is to the point

Although it may seem very basic, writing high-quality content is the first thing a writer has to make sure of doing. Straying away from the topic at hand just to increase the word count does more harm than good in the long run. Some of the most popular search engines such as Google and Bing always see to it that the articles which are well-versed and written precisely on topic make it to the top. Always see to it that your article is engaging and not just line after line of information that bores the reader.

Keywords are the key

Keywords make all the difference when it comes to writing articles online. Instead of writing the articles first and adding in the keywords later on, the keywords related to the topic should be researched first. Building the article around your keywords can save a lot of time and makes it much easier for readers to find. There are various tools online that help writers find relevant keywords, such as the one developed by Google. If you have a problem with using sophisticated tools online, you can always hire an agency to do the hard work for you.

Have a pre-defined structure along with a vision of your article

It’s never good to start writing any article without thought. Make sure you start with a proper introduction which needs to be engaging and informative. Once, the introduction is perfected using your keywords, the main body of the article should be written. Try writing short paragraphs and make sure that there aren’t too many of those. Any paragraph with about five lines should be enough. To conclude, make sure you summarize the entire article in as few words as possible while also referring to some of the important points written in the article.

Make up a perfect title tag

The Title tag or a headline is the first thing any reader will see. It is a known fact that most readers judge the article by the title alone. It is a key factor in determining whether a person will read your article or not. Make sure your title is catchy and also tells exactly what the article is about. The title should generate curiosity in the reader but not give away too much. The proper use of keywords, along with a catchy title is sure to attract reader attention.

Properly use backlinks to drive your traffic

One of the most important factors by which many search engines judge an article is through the backlinks it provides. Providing backlinks increases the trust factor between reader and writer reassuring readers that the writer knows what he/she is talking about. Backlinks to previously written articles not only help get more traffic but also help search engines find the best people to target the article at.

Keep the content easy to understand

Writing articles online is not the place to show off your literary skills because the average reader won’t bother to read articles that are hard to understand. Make sure you make your content piece as easy to read as possible. 

It’s very easy for writers to sound condescending, but keep in mind that there is nothing more important to a writer than the audience. Writing easy articles will help garner traffic because most of the top articles on Google are usually the ones that are the simplest to understand.

Use the perfect pictures and the proper layout

The layout of your article is a key factor in determining whether it will lure in viewers or not. The pictures used should be relevant to the topic. Always avoid using too many pictures because it just looks unappealing. Make sure you use photos with a minimalist style so as not to draw attention away from the article. Place pictures where the reading part tends to get a little tedious or dull because a picture can help spice up those parts. The pictures used should be as small and clearly visible as possible since larger ones take time to load.

Use the best Content Optimization Tools and make the article shareable

There is absolutely no shame in using Content optimization tools to enhance your writing. Most of the Content Optimization tools such as Hemingway Editor and Read-Able help increase the readability of articles. Most articles rank higher in SEO when they are shared. Using tools like these and many more, it is possible to keep track of articles and learn from them by making changes to your article correspondingly. These tools offer constructive criticism and also provide all kinds of suggestions to ensure the article meets the mark.

An overview of the matter

The above are some of the most useful tips to keep in mind when writing SEO friendly articles online. Everything starting with the Headline and layout of the article to the conclusion is of equal importance. The proper use of backlinks, keywords, and pictures as well as a good layout, can help you write the perfect article.

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