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How to Get More Traffic to Your Nonprofit Landing Pages

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A landing page is crucial for your nonprofit website and carries a lot of value as it introduces your nonprofit company to the target audience and visitors. If visitors like your website’s landing page, the chances of them browsing through the inner pages increase. Not having a good landing page can cost you dearly and users too may have to face a lot of inconvenience. They might even abandon your site altogether, which means you would lose prospective donors.

There are a number of ways to help you get traffic to your landing pages. One of the best options is to choose Google Grants to help you out. This program focuses on empowering nonprofit organizations so that they can market their websites on Google. It is a risk-free method of getting users to your landing page. Apart from this, there are various other techniques that can make your nonprofit‘s website a hit with donors and visitors.

Keep the Website Code Clean

You can do this by running it through This will help you determine if the content is being indexed or not.

Get Your Website to Load Faster

You can check the average load time for your website using sites like and If the site takes too much time to load, you need to resize images and check the use of Flash.

Make Use of Descriptive URLs

This will help users understand them better. Highlighting the URL portions in bold will come in handy when a related keyword search is done on Google or any other search engine.

Choose Only One Version of Your Landing Page or Homepage

This will prevent your search engine rank from getting diluted. By the way, people won’t mess up your pages.

Great Content Is the Key

Having quality content on the landing page will assist in attracting targeted traffic.

Match the Page Titles and Tags

This is one of the sure shot ways to boost search engine rankings. Write good meta-descriptions and get them shown in the natural search results.

Use Web Analytics

Web analytics will help you know the source of your visitors and track their movement on the website. In this way, you will know what is compelling your visitors to donate or to sign up for free emails.

Make Nonprofit Microsites

A microsite can help you conquer cyberspace by following the divide and rule philosophy. A microsite is a mini website that can consist of anything from one landing page to several linked pages and even interactive flash experiences. It is a great idea if you are trying to grab the attention of a particular audience or promote a particular event. In case of a nonprofit, it is most beneficial to maintain a microsite if you are trying to achieve a certain amount of donations or need help conducting a volunteer activity in a community.

Before creating a microsite there are a few basic questions you need to ask yourself. What is the main objective for this microsite? Is it to promote your existing website or target a particular section of the community. Next, you need to consider whether you have enough funds to sustain and properly optimize the site. You also need to have a clear picture of what you expect from the microsite in the short term as well as the long term.

Once you have fairly clear answers to all of the above questions it is then time to turn your attention to making the site engaging and interesting. You can achieve this by making the content information heavy and unique. You can also have an interesting flash design introduced that presents the information in an appealing manner.

A microsite is considered a great marketing tactic to improve the visibility and reach of your nonprofit:

  • Without the distraction of general content that prevents you from delving into anything in detail on the main website, a microsite presents you with an opportunity. You can now take the liberty to discuss at length and dig deeper into the details of the cause or event you are focusing on.
  • A microsite can be a great way of revitalizing your image. Since it is a standalone site, you can now create a buzz easily and target a particular audience, be it on the basis of age, demographics or preferences. Each microsite can help present your nonprofit in a different light.
  • By using keyword rich domain names or URLs and SEO centric content on your microsite, you can leverage SEO strategies for attracting a focused group. Also, by placing the links to your main website in the microsite, you can help attract donors back to the original site as well.

These tips will definitely bring in more traffic to your landing pages. All you need to do is to implement them in the right manner so as not to leave any loopholes.

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