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Top 8 Tech Trends and Solutions in the Automobile Industry

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Many industries are rising globally with the help of new innovations. All the credit goes to the evolution of technology.

Calling and texting are not the only functions of phones today. The mobile phone you are using has many new features, which have made it a smartphone.

Similarly, evolution has made its mark on the automobile industry too. The new cars are not only capable of driving and stopping; it does more than that. 

Automobile manufacturers are now introducing new technologies in cars. The new features are only to provide you security, comfort, and a great experience while you are riding your vehicle.

Features like artificial technology, big data, and analytics are already one can find in a car. However, car manufacturers are interested in processing newer technologies like blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) in modern automobiles.

The article’s main purpose is to make you aware of the latest tech trends that created a revolution in recent years.

Prophetic Technology

As mentioned earlier, car manufacturers have already adapted Artificial Technology (AI) and Machine Language (ML) to make the desired progress in the automobile industry. Thanks to such technologies, now one can easily have a customized driving experience as per their needs.

Makers are now willing to apply such algorithms by collecting data to make the car more application-oriented.

Like ALEXA or Google voice, the cars might have such features that can recognize your voice and follow some commands. Plus, the vehicles would be able to notify you if any part of the car needs repair.

In order to transform a car to s an IoT gadget, the user interface of the vehicle needs to change—the makers are currently working on that.

Biometric or Smart Seats

This technology is for the driver to have a disturbance-free and comfortable driving adventure.

The biometric seat can identify if the rider is in distress or having any panic attack. The process is relatively easy to understand.

Using the technology, data, or impressions of the driver’s face, palm and fingerprints would get collected. After matching those impressions with real-time expressions, the smart seats can understand the driver’s mental condition. 

This way, the seats can alert the driver and advise taking a break to avoid collisions.

V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communication

V2V communication is a much-needed application that can help one person save some time to avoid traffic or even avoid accidents.

This tech trend can be one of the most essential features in a car in the near future. In this way, vehicles can be able to communicate with other cars on the road.

It might not be possible to listen to the radio all the time to know details about route, accidents, and get real-time traffic updates. With the help of vehicle-to-vehicle communication, one can quickly get directions and avoid such roads with jam.

Even this technology can help you to prevent any possible car accidents by automatically applying the brakes at the right time.

Self-sufficient Vehicles

Self-sufficient vehicles are nothing but an exaggeration of self-driven cars. The autonomous technology lets the car use sensors, cameras, brake actuators to drive the vehicle itself.

No wonder this technology is responsible for making the cars more attractive. This type of vehicle is getting popularity in the past few years and even belongs to Google.

However, some other automobile makers are not staying behind, and they are also putting great efforts to innovate such cars.

Needless to say, these self-sufficient cars can reduce the number of accidents.

Back-up cameras

Even the most experienced drivers also dread parking in a congested spot. Though the rear-view mirrors are helpful, you still don’t want your car to hit the dustbin at the end of the parking.

It will be beneficial if you don’t need to turn your head to park your car every time. The uses of back-up cameras can save one from this type of trouble.

The high-resolution images captured by such gadgets can make your parking stress free. If you wish to buy a latest car with appreciable functions then get rid of your damaged cars immediately.

Some of the high-end cars are already using the technology of backup cameras. Though the makers are trying to incorporate this feature in medium-range vehicles too.

Technology to track vehicles with GPS

Well, this technology can give access to those parents to monitor their kids driving for apparent reasons. To watch their teenager driving skill live, all they need to have a good internet connection.  

The GPS device is one such compact device that can be uninstalled from one car to a re-install in another vehicle.

Parents can track if their children are going to some other regions or if they surpass the speed limit threshold.

Automatic Life-doors

When anyone is out there shopping, then it can be a possibility that they might have blocked both their hands with shopping bags. At that time, it is eventually going to create a problem while opening the car door if you are alone.

The automatic life-doors or gates are a big help in similar situations. The key fob is already helping you unlock the car. Still, now it will also help you to open the car doors automatically.

The car manufacturer Ford has already applied such features in their cars in recent years.

Flexible Cruise Control

Sometimes, mostly in high traffic, controlling a car feels like a never-ending terrible circumstance. Advancement in technologies is there to prevent you from having unpleasant driving experiences.

Makers are putting some essential and useful sensors in the latest cars, which is giving a car a flexible cruise controlling feature.

Using such a technology, the car can self-control the speed and gives you relief from hitting the brakes more often.


The automobile industry is evolving and introducing new trend indeed. However, the main challenge is to make those cars easily affordable for everyone—that is where the makers are currently putting their efforts.

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