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How to Work at Home During Quarantine – Some Useful Tips

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Now all of the worlds are switching to remote work during the pandemic. Companies are encouraged to set up processes so that people can work from home during coronavirus quarantine. 

You cannot scare a digital specialist with this format, many have already been freelancers or have worked remotely before. 

But what if you are a specialist who never worked from home?

We know how hard it is to get used to such a process – all of our team works with day trading crypto groups, wallets, etc. like this for years.

That is why we have collected some important tips for beginners – how not to procrastinate, rest on time.

Working at Home in Quarantine Is Not a Vacation

1. Maintain the same daily routine as before quarantine.

Get up at the same time as before. If you train yourself to get up later because you don’t have to go to the office, then after quarantine it will be hard to wean. 

Eat lunch at the same time as before, if you took a walk break at work, do it at home. Isolation does not mean you cannot go outside. 

The main thing is to have less contact with people there, not to shake hands. 

Don’t feel like walking? 

Exercise or have a coffee. You can just lie down with your eyes closed for 10 minutes. Go to bed, too, at about the same time as always.

2. Give yourself time to wake up.

Do not grab your phone first thing in the morning when you first open your eyes. You will probably get into work chats where everyone is talking about web development services. It turns out that your work begins with awakening and ends only when you fall asleep. 

Do not run to your laptop or computer as soon as you wake up. Ordinarily, you didn’t get to work right away either. 

Make coffee, read a book or news, give yourself the same hour you spent on the road to work to wake up and tune in.

3. You need a workplace. 

A separate table and chair are best. 

Ideally, the bedroom should be a place to sleep, and the kitchen should be a place to eat, but in a one-room apartment, a kitchen table will work as well. If the kitchen is too small, equip a sofa: a laptop stand, for example, from IKEA, will come in handy. 

Do not run to the toilet and bed with your laptop – the place where you work should be permanent and unique. 

It also helps to surround the workplace with familiar “corporate” things, from office supplies to cork boards. You can fence off your workplace with furniture by making a small rearrangement. So you can, moving around the apartment, switch your attention from work to leisure and household chores.

On calls, if they pass with the included video, take a comfortable place, preferably such that panties and socks do not dry behind you. 

You can sit against the background of an empty wall, kitchen cabinets, or a window drawn by a curtain (so as not to shine). Or turn on the microphone without video!

Write down things in your diary if you are used to doing this in the office, and record everything that was discussed on the call – so as not to forget and not get confused in tasks.

The Balance Between Work and Rest

The most dangerous thing for a beginner is to immerse yourself in work too much, to get lost in the time of day, especially if you work with free Forex signals and your clients are all over the world and have different timeframes. 

To prevent this from happening, a dedicated workplace (already mentioned above) and an artificial change of scenery will help. 

In the morning, when sitting down to work, change into your usual work clothes. It will help you tune in and focus. 

Are you done working? 

Change into home clothes.

If you’re playing to music, turn it off after work. And vice versa.

When you finish working, switch to another activity, or just lie down. You can go for a walk – quarantine does not prohibit going outside.

Explain to your husband/wife/children when you should not be distracted. Make a schedule of calls and planning of meetings and discussions on the best Ethereum wallet and how to audit all of them, discuss it with your family.

The work must be completed on time. 

Do not answer in work chats outside of working hours, do not agree to “finish something” and do not take on more tasks than you would normally take on. 

A house is just a location. 

You won’t have extra hands and extra hours per day at a distance. 

And the second head too!

Work is very important, but you should care about yourself. Feed yourself, make yourself coffee and tea, go outside for a walk.

Wish you good luck in these not very good times!

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