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GetInsta: The Best Platform to Help You Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes for FREE

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Instagram is one of the three most popular social media platforms today. Its popularity is driving a massive transformation of global brands to shift their advertising budgets to this platform. And not only global brands, millions of new brands are also competing for more views on Instagram. If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your brand and increase the sales of your products, increasing the popularity of your account on Instagram is one of the best ways to try.

The popularity of an Instagram account is closely related to the number of followers and likes. Unless you are a public figure or you are someone who is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising aggressively, having lots of followers and likes is a feat that may have to be achieved with a lot of struggle. You might think about buying followers and likes but be aware that what you usually get are followers and likes that come from robot accounts. Not only does it waste your valuable money and time, your account may get banned by Instagram.

In this article I will introduce GetInsta to you. This is the best tool to help you get lots of free Instagram followers and likes. One thing that differentiates GetInsta and other platforms is that everyone involved in developing your account is a real person. In other words, the Instagram followers and likes you get are real, from real Instagram users.

How to use GetInsta to get free followers on Instagram?
How GetInsta works is at the core of your belief in using a platform. GetInsta is a platform that brings together tons of Instagram users to follow and like each other. You add your account on GetInsta and you are required to follow someone else’s Instagram account with that account. You can also like other people’s posts using your Instagram account. In exchange you will get a number of coins. You can use these coins to gain free followers for Instagram. Now you know how it works?

It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS.

GetInsta is a very practical tool. It supports use on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. So regardless of your device, you can use GetInsta to significantly increase the number of Instagram followers and likes.

Here are simple steps to get free Instagram followers and free Instagram likes with GetInsta:

1. You register on the official website of GetInsta ( In the registration process, you need to fill in the email field. Enter your email name. After that set a secure password and register immediately.

2. Now register your Instagram account (which you will later use to follow and like). You can add more than one account.

3. Now start following and liking for coins. The more you follow other people’s Instagram accounts and like their posts, the more coins you will receive. The more coins you get, the more Instagram followers free you get.

4. Got enough coins? Now it’s time to drive followers and likes to your account.

5. Do not have time for all activities of following and liking? Easy! You can pay with cash. The difference with other platforms, what you get is 100% organic followers and likes because everyone involved in GetInsta are real people.

Some of GetInsta’s advantages:

  • Original. Everyone involved are real people
  • It’s safe. You will not be banned because Instagram can see that every follower and like referred to your account comes from real people.
  • Privacy protection. GetInsta won’t ask for your Instagram password so you don’t have to worry about your account being hacked.
  • No annoying popups.
  • Simple. You just have to follow and like. That is all!

Interested? Don’t waste your time! You can start with this 1000 free Instagram followers trial.

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