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How to Improve your Campaigns with Machine Learning

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Call it the latest major innovation in the domain of marketing or you may even call it the takeover of the technology in the field of marketing, but one thing is for sure; artificial intelligence, also known as AI, has truly revolutionised marketing and is now being heavily deployed by major organisations globally to help them shape their marketing campaigns and make them more impactful.

Experts are speculating that the future of marketing lies with technology, machine learning in particular. Take the most popular online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba, these juggernauts have all employed machine learning within their marketing campaigns to help them better connect with their users and improve the efficacy of their marketing campaigns.

Traditional marketing is severely threatened by digital marketing which is creating an impact on a much greater magnitude for those who employ it. Machine learning acts as a cherry on the top and makes it a class apart; the way it speculates and understands human behaviour helps marketers in making precise decisions that result in not only the success of their campaigns but also helps in increased generation of revenue.

In terms of ROI, employing AI technologies is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Machine learning lays bare the interests, choices, and purchasing pattern of a vast majority and helps in drawing conclusive data in the form of applicable statistics; it helps in shaping marketing campaigns and increasing their efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Increased traffic.
  • Better conversion rate.
  • Increased engagement.
  • Sales generation.

In short, without machine learning tools incorporated in your marketing strategy, you have no idea what you are missing. By analysing large sets of data, Machine Learning presents  marketers with understandable data and analytics that they can use to their advantage. As you plan your budgets for marketing tools at the end of 2020, be sure to include the following Machine Learning technologies into your marketing tool stack.

In this article, we’ll outline numerous machine learning tools that you can employ in your marketing strategy today to make your campaigns more effective and efficient.

Optimise your conversion rate with the right tools

Inefficiencies in your conversion rate can lead to the collapse of your marketing funnel, and the loss of valuable business relationships. Conversion rate inefficiencies are often difficult to diagnose and treat, due to the lack of data, and the undervaluation of these tools by management.

Use conversion rate optimisation tools to diagnose issues with your marketing campaigns in the form of form tracking, marketing intelligence, and automated lead qualification.

Some of these conversion rate optimization tools include WhatConverts,, and Peak AI.

Use natural language processing tools to identify patterns

There are numerous powerful and versatile tools that are readily available for you to use natural language processing (NLP) easily. This is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers read, interpret and analyse texts automatically.

When used in your marketing campaigns, these tools can pack a serious punch. 

For example, tools like MonkeyLearn and allow you to perform text analysis at scale, which can be used for sentiment analysis of marketing campaigns based on a review of comments or topic classification to figure out what product categories consumers are asking for.

This allows your marketing team to conduct research on a broad range of competitors, learn from a broad range of data, and educate your sales team to devise a better campaign strategy by using the data and statistics provided by these tools. 

You can use AI to implement and design analytical workflows, optimisation, validation of models, and help visualise results better. 

In case you are worried that your programming skills are insufficient, fret not; these tools are now mostly “no-code” and do not require programming.

Use AI-powered, chatbot technologies

Powerful and completely featured AI-based machine learning tools that combine the latest technologies to power your marketing strategy including advertising, email, content and social media are AI-powered chatbots. 

To streamline your efforts pertaining to omnichannel marketing, use a chatbot tool such as Boost AI or Happy Fox that utilises predictive analytics, integrated personalisation, and sophisticated automation to put all available important data at the fingertips of your customer sales teams. These come powered with statistics and analytics on your customers for your sales pipeline.

Learn how to write a chatbot with this infographic here.

Do not forget that AI and machine learning are both separate entities, but machine learning is a subset of AI that is specifically designed to provide helpful metrics. 

Sensai is an AI-based machine learning tool designed to create strategies that can help you score big on social media by analysing social media posts and providing recommendations. With this powerful app, you have an AI-driven social media expert by your side that will provide you all the necessary analytics in detail and plans that are data-driven to help you understand and determine what it is you need to post and the right time to post it.

Improve the delivery of your ad campaigns with the right tools

Tools like Optmyzr and Adzooma are powerful technologies to drive your Google Ads delivery. Whether you want to do A/B testing, Keyword management, or Bid Adjustment, these tools simplify the process of running cost-efficient ads.

These tools uses machine learning to provide better and more cost-effective suggestions for your campaigns, thereby driving down cost-per-click (CPC) and customer acquisition costs.


With the advent of COVID-19, digital marketing has dramatically been shifted and customers are responding differently to typical marketing channels, with an increased focus on content marketing and social media ads. Take these insights, and improve your marketing campaigns with the aforementioned machine learning tools today. 

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