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13 Expert- Level Tips to Explode your Growth on Instagram

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Instagram is now widely used by people for both personal and professional purposes. Most people in the world hold an Instagram account especially businesses and marketers. Whether sharing news on products or services or to increase readers for your blog, you need to grow your Instagram organically to reach more users. Getting organic growth on Instagram ensures long-term and stable presence along with a more loyal audience who will always surround you to look out for what you post. The following are some expert-level tips to explode Instagram growth.

1. Know Your Audience

Researching through the market to identify your target audience is essential to make sharp business decisions. When you understand what your audience is interested in and how they communicate, building a strong community becomes easier. Understanding your audience preferences can help you prepare the best quality content that your audience will enjoy watching.

2. Commit to Consistency

The key to growing your Instagram account is consistency. Preparing a posting schedule and posting promptly according to the schedule can make more people view your profile and posts. 

This way you can gain impressions on Instagram and speed up your Instagram growth. Almost everyone on Instagram keeps looking out for new content. When you post content on a regular basis, you are more likely to get more organic growth.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

A perfect Instagram bio can promote organic Instagram growth to a greater extent. Your bio is the first thing that users see when they visit your profile. So you can get the most of Instagram by perfecting your bio. Ensure your bio is short, clear and to the point. It would be best if your bio can convey to your audience what type of content users can expect from you. Including links to your social media platforms is an excellent way to increase website traffic thereby growing your Instagram profile.

To make the most perfect Instagram bio, edit it first in a text editor to do all the necessary formatting and then add it to Instagram.

4. Post High Quality Content

Providing high quality content helps build your Instagram audience. Now that you have carried out research on types of content that your audience prefer, you can use the research results to create a strong Instagram strategy with unique content. Be it product information or references or entertainment videos, you must ensure that you provide maximum value to your audience.

5. Interact With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is an excellent tactic to improve Instagram growth. Replying to comments that people post on your photos and videos is a great way to interact with your audience. Keep track of followers who regularly leave comments on your posts. Instagram Polls, Question stickers, appealing captions in your posts are all effective methods that trigger audience interaction.

6. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags when used strategically can help you get to the Instagram explore page. When you include the right hashtags to your posts, there is a greater chance for your content to show up in search results. Using relevant hashtags for your content can help you reach your target audience. The placement of hashtags also plays an important role in growing your Instagram account. Including hashtags either at the bottom of the post or within the captions can make the post appear neat thereby avoiding cluttering.

7. Set Your Own Style

To build a huge following on Instagram, you must be unique which means you should avoid imitating other Instagram profiles. People who do so are less likely to get popular on Instagram. Think about your brand and audience to set your own style. Stick to specific themes and topics and last but not the least don’t ever forget to format your post. In fact, following themes can make your profile and feed more attractive to users thereby increasing followers and promoting growth on Instagram. Also, remember to maintain consistency in your style while posting content.

8. Tag People and Geolocation

Another interesting way to grow your Instagram account is to tag others in your posts because people whom you tag in your posts feel happy for the inclusion and are more likely to share your content. Be sure to include only relevant tags to avoid spamming. Using the geolocation tag can help you reach more people in your own demographic.

9. Partner with Influencers

Many Influencers have ideas on how to grow follower count, but be sure to partner with an Influencer who aligns with your brand. It is not necessary for you to partner with an Influencer who has millions of followers. There are many micro Influencers who can help achieve brand success.

10. Add to Your Stories

Getting engagement on Instagram through posting stories is a creative method to increase Instagram growth. Posting behind the scenes content, demo or tutorial videos of products are short term videos that keep users engaged to improve brand loyalty and maintain a strong relationship with your community.

11. Pay Attention to Your Images

Besides posting consistently, you need to post high quality images and videos to stand out from your competitors. Use the best set of tools and apps to edit images and maintain quality. Avoid posting shaky images and videos with distractions. Such posted content can annoy your audience and may cause some to unfollow you. 

12. Cross Promote

If you feel that your Instagram account has not seen notable growth, you should begin cross promoting your account on other social media platforms.  Share your Instagram link on other social channels and set your Instagram account to public to let more users see what you posted. In this way, you can attract followers to your account.

13. Get Seen By Popular Accounts

Popular accounts in the same industry as yours are an inspiration to attain maximum visibility on Instagram. Participating in challenges of popular accounts, tagging them in your posts are the best ways to catch their attention for your account.

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