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Top Home Business Trends of 2020

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Let’s be honest. It’s always a good thing to have another stream of income given the unpredictable state of our economy. We understand, however, that launching a business is not that easy especially when one has limited resources. If only there was a business idea that you could start with minimum capital right now, possibly one that you could put up in the comforts of your own home? Well, guess what, there are. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this article.

But first, the capital

Before we start, though, we just want to make one thing clear. While we have done our best to only select the top home business ideas with close-to-nothing capital, this doesn’t mean that their success couldn’t be improved with a little bit of cash to propel them forward. 

One of the fastest ways to obtain capital is to apply for a line of credit. We consider business investment as good debt. In a nutshell, it is the process of borrowing money with confidence that this money will be able to pay for this debt later on, and hopefully, even earn you money on top.

There are a lot of online lenders that you can look into. They offer various loan options like payday loans that can give you the cash you need pretty quickly. 

Top Home Business Ideas 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about how to start a new business.

Be a Content Creator and Influencer

Do you have a knack for storytelling? How about creating relevant content that can significantly impact other people’s lives? Do you think that you will be able to inspire others through writing, filming videos, or taking photos? Sounds like you can start your own brand as a content creator.

You have mediums to share your content with the world. You can blog, vlog, start a podcast, and even become a social media influencer on a variety of social networking platforms. 

Feel free to start this type of business with just a strong internet connection and any digital device, but know that you can always improve your setup by investing in quality equipment.

Start Your Own Online Shop

Now, before you argue that it will take some capital for product research, development, and production, please hear us out. There is a way to start your own online shop without needing to perform the usual business processes it requires.

This method is called dropshipping. We strongly suggest doing further research on how it’s done. In essence, though, it works by setting up your own shop online, looking for a supplier, and letting that supplier handle everything (including shipping). Meanwhile, you can enjoy making a profit for every product sold.

Sell Custom-Printed Products

Have an eye for good product design? Then why not utilize it to your advantage by selling custom-printed products through a variety of online custom product platforms, like Printify

All you need to do is to submit your design and that’s it. The platform will handle everything else including making mock-ups, creating the product, and shipping it to your customer. What’s great about it is that you can count it as passive income as well. 

After all, as long as your design is out there, they will always be up for sale and earning you a healthy profit even as you sleep.

Create Digital Products

Speaking of designing products, they don’t always need to be concrete like a t-shirt or a mug. They can simply remain digital if you wish. 

There are a variety of digital products that you can start creating and selling. You can write eBooks, design printable quotes, printable journal pages, and more. You can even create worksheets both for kids and adults if you’re up for it.

Again, this can be another passive income option. As long as your digital product is uploaded, someone is always bound to stumble upon and buy it. What’s more, is that you won’t even have to worry about shipping and fulfillment anymore since they can download your product immediately after payment.

Help Someone Else Grow Their Brand

Finally, you can also offer services that can help other entrepreneurs like you. You can be a virtual assistant, social media manager, or even work as a consultant. 

The only capital that you’re going to need, aside from the basics (a computer/digital device and reliable network connection) is your expertise. It can be absolutely anything in the world. We’ve even come across consultants that seek to help people how to become a good single parent or how to start self-publishing a book. Just choose a skill that you are absolutely confident in and that’s it.

There are definitely other options to earn money in the comforts of your own home aside from the ones we have mentioned above. These are simply the ones we have already tried ourselves. Good luck!

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